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2076Re: [lxx] Proverbs 20:22 LXX

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  • Steve Puluka
    Nov 15, 2006
      on 11/14/06 7:33 AM, James Spinti at jspinti@... wrote:

      > Just one question: Where is it? Proverbs 20 jumps from 13 to verse 23.
      > Is this a section that is missing? My Rahlfs has no notes in the
      > apparatus, and I checked the NET on-line by Johann Cook with out
      > success.

      The LXX version of Proverbs is similar to the situation in Jeremiah. There
      are substantial differences in the order of largely the same material. In
      Proverbs the material rearranges and has some textual additions after
      chapter 22.

      See the chart and discussion on pages 123-127 of:

      Washington, Harold C. Wealth and poverty in the Instruction of Amenemope and
      the Hebrew Proverbs. Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1994.

      Steve Puluka
      1249 Biltmore Avenue
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