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2075Re: Proverbs 20:22 LXX

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  • Dale Ogilvie
    Nov 14, 2006
      In my text Proverbs 20:20-22 occurs between Prov 20:9 and Prov 20:11.
      It is also present in the "apostles bible" derived from Lancelot
      Brenton's translation. Verses 14-19 are missing in my text, but these
      are noted as present in Grabe's edition.

      I'm not sure what my "Biblia Polyglotta" edition is, as the front
      matter is in latin.

      After "the greek old testament, according to the seventy" it has:

      id est, vetus testamentum, secundum, setupaginta seniorum,
      interpretationem, juxta exemplar vaticanum, adjiciuntur, editionis
      grabianae variae lectiones.



      --- In lxx@yahoogroups.com, "James Spinti" <jspinti@...> wrote:
      > Just one question: Where is it? Proverbs 20 jumps from 13 to verse 23.
      > Is this a section that is missing? My Rahlfs has no notes in the
      > apparatus, and I checked the NET on-line by Johann Cook with out
      > success.
      > Thanks,
      > James
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