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189Re: [lxx] mysterion:sacramentum

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  • Rachel Peters
    Oct 17, 2000
      "Mysteries" should be the translation. There is no reason not to call
      it by its proper translation, especially since English speaking Orthodox
      Christians speak of Mysteries and not Sacraments. Also the number of
      Mysteries is not strictly seven as in the Roman church. A Mystery is
      anything that coveys the Grace of God - which of course includes
      Baptism, Eucharist, Penance, etc..

      If necessary, you should footnote the word. People should become
      accustomed to Orthodox Terminology.

      In Christ,

      Branka Nikolic wrote:

      > Dear List members, I am working on a translation of an article from
      > Serbian into English dealing with (among other things) the seven
      > sacraments. The word for "sacrament" here is "tajna" and corresponds
      > to the Greek "mysterion". The problem is that in most contexts I find
      > it impossible to translate "tajna" with "sacrament" as the author
      > insists on the notions of mystery and the mystical sense of the
      > sacraments. Although "sacramentum" can clearly mean "secret", I can't
      > keep the English word "sacrament" throughout the whole translation. On
      > the other hand, talking about the seven "mysteries" could be equally
      > confusing, and changing the term according to the context even more
      > so.I am sure some of you have already come across this problem. Any
      > ideas better than a footnote at the beginning?Thanking you all in
      > advance, Branka Nikolic
      > eGroups Sponsor

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