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1877RE: [lxx] Re: Luke 3:36 and the LXX

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  • Ken Penner
    Dec 22, 2005
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      I don't have the Syriac text here. The references I have are

      I. E. Rahmani, Chronicon civile et ecclesiasticum anonymi auctoris, (Charfé, 1904).
      J.-B. Chabot, Chronicon ad annum Christi 1234 pertinens (Louvain, 1953=Paris, 1920), 27-60.
      E. Tisserant, "Fragments syriaques du Livre des Jubilés," Revue Biblique 30 (1921): 55-86, 206-232.
      A. Ceriani, Monumenta sacra et profana 2 (Milano), 1:ix-x.

      Wintermute refers to the fragment in OTP. He notes two differences between the Syriac and the Ethiopic in this passage, each involving only one letter, so I presume that there are no more major differences between the two here.

      Ken Penner
      Co-Director, Online Critical Pseudepigrapha: http://www.uwo.ca/kings/ocp/
      Flash! Pro vocabulary software: http://s91279732.onlinehome.us/flash

      > I wonder of the Syriac fragment of 8:2-4 follows the text of
      > the Ethiopic closely, or deviates. If it follows it pretty
      > closely, we could assume with a fair degree of probability
      > that 8:1 referred to Kainan. If not, then anything is possible.
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