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1658Re: [lxx] The AD and Zoe texts

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  • Mitrophan Chin
    Jun 6, 2005
      Since you're making a translation of the whole Greek
      OT, I guess going with Rahlfs would make it more
      consistent throughout (that's what lxx.org is doing
      too I think). Then you can probably put the the
      prophetologion variations as footnotes. On the other
      hand, if you were making a translation of the
      prophetologion, then that should be faithful to what's
      in the prophetologion, irregardless of what current
      scholarship says.

      --- Peter Papoutsis <papoutsis1@...> wrote:

      > Although I agree in principle with what you are
      > saying Mitrophan, the Church's OT liturgical
      > readings are not that outrageously different,
      > expcept for one portion in Joshua (Jesus), a few
      > places in Isaiah and a number of places in Proverbs.
      > Should the Orthodox Church not take advantage of the
      > best LXX scholarship there is for liturgical reform
      > as well as unity? The Church would not be changing
      > the LXX text as much as they would be polishing them
      > up in places that they needed polishing.
      > Agan, these are just thoughts, I'm not a hardliner
      > on this, but wanted to open this question for
      > discussion as to the reformation of the Church's LXX
      > lectionary readings.
      > Peter A. Papoutsis

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