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  • cyberclipse
    May 17, 2005
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      Thanks for your your very detailed, expert opinion!

      I hit the nail on the head when I joined this group!!

      My feeling is, after the discovery of the Tarim Basin

      mummies in China, that judism may not be the "first

      religion" that led to christianity. The mummies are

      white european and these people inhabited China 1000

      years before the Chinese. Also, as a former believer

      in evolution, the mummies date back to the cloud era

      and had advanced technology in textiles and were even

      credited with building the silk road as well as

      bringing buddah to China, it points to creationism.

      I have traced some of their religious history to

      the Nestorians and have hit a wall because many

      Nestorian documents were destroyed.

      Be Well,


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