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  • James Rovira
    May 12, 2005
      Hello, my name is Jim Rovira. I'm a Ph.D. candidate in English at
      Drew Unviersity in Madison, NJ, and a Lecturer in English at Rollins
      College in Winter Park, FL. I've been studying Christian theology and
      texts independently (off and on) for about 23 years, and have very,
      very modest instruction in NT Greek.

      A question came up on a Milton listserv I'm subscribed to that I found
      difficult to answer, and I was hoping listmembers here could help out.
      I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but would like to hear the
      opinions of scholars in the field.

      When LXX translators translated Hebrew poetry into Greek, did they
      incorporate line breaks, or simply write the text across the page? I
      suspect earliest and most texts were simply written across the page,
      but if this isn't the case, I'd like to know, and if there are
      significant variants, I'm curious about those too.

      Thanks much.

      Jim Rovira
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