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1566Re: [lxx] 1st Chronicles 2:9

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  • Robert Kraft
    Apr 6, 2005
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      The best available apparatus for this work is the Larger Cambridge Septuagint,
      which prints the text of Vaticanus, as in Rahlfs (not Rahlf !), and collates
      other MSS against it. For recommendations about critical texts, see the new
      posting at


      The Cambridge apparatus has numerous variants (as usual with "strange names"):
      Most MSS (including the correctors of Vaticanus) have ESRWN or ESRWM, with a
      clear preponderance for the latter;
      Several MSS omit the definite article before Jerahmael;
      The spelling IERAMEHL is attested by a few MSS;
      O RAM is also found as ORAM and ARAM or simply RAM;
      KAI ARAM is omitted by two MSS (b and y).

      Overall, it looks like Brenton's text is that of MS y or possibly b.

      I doubt that the NT material had any appreciable effect on this situation.
      Rather, what is found in the NT MSS (probably with variants as well) was
      probably caused by variations in the available LXX/OG in late antiquity
      (affecting both the "original" NT reading, and subsequent copies).

      Bob Kraft

      > I'm getting a mixed message here, and I'm not understanding it at all.
      > There's a slight discrepency in LXX's, and I'm not sure if Rahlf did
      > this right...
      > Rahlf's LXX via BibleWorks "kai 'uioi Eserwn oi etexqhsan autw o
      > Iramehl kai o Ram kai o Xaleb kai Aram"
      > Brenton's LXX "kai 'uioi Esrwm oi etexqhsan autw o Ieramehl kai o Aram
      > kai o Xaleb"
      > Now, about Jeramel, the extra epsilon might have come from similar
      > sounding names in v. 4 Iemouhl...
      > The NT agrees with Brenton, but the extra Aram at the end of Ralhf's
      > might either be a mistake with BibleWorks or a scribal "correction".
      > Anyone own Ralhf's text and maybe shed a bit of light on this?
      > Yahoo! Groups Links

      Robert A. Kraft, Religious Studies, University of Pennsylvania
      227 Logan Hall (Philadelphia PA 19104-6304); tel. 215 898-5827
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