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15611st Chronicles 2:9

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  • Chris Weimer
    Apr 1 9:52 PM
      I'm getting a mixed message here, and I'm not understanding it at all.
      There's a slight discrepency in LXX's, and I'm not sure if Rahlf did
      this right...

      Rahlf's LXX via BibleWorks "kai 'uioi Eserwn oi etexqhsan autw o
      Iramehl kai o Ram kai o Xaleb kai Aram"

      Brenton's LXX "kai 'uioi Esrwm oi etexqhsan autw o Ieramehl kai o Aram
      kai o Xaleb"

      Now, about Jeramel, the extra epsilon might have come from similar
      sounding names in v. 4 Iemouhl...

      The NT agrees with Brenton, but the extra Aram at the end of Ralhf's
      might either be a mistake with BibleWorks or a scribal "correction".
      Anyone own Ralhf's text and maybe shed a bit of light on this?
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