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1451Re: [lxx] copies of Codex A's Exodus

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  • James Miller
    Nov 16, 2004
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      Thanks for your response, Bob.

      On Tue, 16 Nov 2004, Robert Kraft wrote:

      > I don't think so, but if you examine Wevers' Goettingen edition of Exodus, with
      > special attention to the MSS most closely aligned with A, you will be able to judge
      > for yourself.

      And the examination to determine MSS most closely aligned with A would
      involve scrutinizing the apparatus and sort of inferring where the various
      witnesses listed agree with and diverge from one another (A being one)?
      Wevers' "Rezensionen und Handschriftlichen-Gruppen" groups the miniscules
      together in a clear way, presumably by family. But A is listed there in a
      separate group "Unzialen und Papyri." This grouping seems to me one of
      text form or material rather than familial alignment as determined through
      similar readings or shared errors. Am I overlooking some place where he's
      spoken of the text's character and aligned it with the groups he's given
      for the miniscules? I don't brag about my facilities with German, but I
      am able to muddle through with a dictionary. A first pass over the
      introduction of this volume doesn't reveal any category into which A has
      been grouped or any identification of it with other MSS which might
      therefore be candidates for being copies.

      Thanks, James
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