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1449copies of Codex A's Exodus

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  • James Miller
    Nov 16, 2004
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      I'm wondering what is the relation of extant manuscripts of Exodus to
      Codex A's text of Exodus--whether the former be parts of a larger Bible or
      independently-circulating Exodus manuscripts. Specifically I would be
      interested to know whether any Exodus manuscripts are thought to have been
      copied from A. Obviously the question applies primarily to post-5th
      century manuscripts. I've not read anything that draws such direct links
      between manuscripts, asserting that one or some was/were copied from
      another. If there is any such resource that I may have overlooked, please
      point it out. If such direct connections between extant manuscripts can't
      be made, then can't the status of the text critical endeavor in LXX
      studies be said to be at the stage of trying to group manuscripts together
      according to shared characteristics? And that the aim of doing this would
      be to determine the character of a conjectured common ancestor for each
      group? The supposition in earlier times was that these groups would
      resolve eventually into the 3 varieties mentioned by Jerome, if I
      understand correctly, but doesn't the manuscript evidence thus far
      collated make this supposition look untenable?

      Thanks, James
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