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1445Re: [lxx] Lucian's LXX

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  • Wieland Willker
    Nov 9, 2004
      Thank you all for your helpful comments!
      I take it then that there is no such thing as a "majority text" of the
      LXX, not even a standard lectionary text of the LXX? This is very
      interesting, because it is in strong contrast to the NT. I think this
      cries for an explanation.

      So, can we say that there were two broad transmission lines, the
      Hexaplaric and the Lucianic and that a lot of mixture and variation
      happened between them?
      Have all the 1500+ MSS been test-collated to identify their type? How
      many groups or sub-groups have been identified? Or is it all chaos?
      Probably I have to read some more about this. I am surprised about my
      ignorance in this matter. :-)

      Best wishes
      Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
      Textcritical commentary:
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