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1437Re: [lxx] Lucian's LXX

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  • James Miller
    Nov 6, 2004
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      Wieland Willker wrote:

      On the Textualcriticism List the question came up, why Lucian's LXX
      recension failed to gain the same acceptance as his NT text (if one
      assumes for the record that this was the Byzantine text).
      My question to the list is: How widely spread was Lucian's LXX? What
      is the history of its distribution? I have read that the Psalter
      became the official text of the Orthodox church?


      > The Byzantine text of the NT really supplanted everything else and
      > became the dominant text of the Byzantine empire. As far as I see it,
      > this was not the case with Lucian's LXX text.
      > My question:
      > If only Lucian's Psalter became the official text of the Orthodox
      > church, what texttype is the rest of the Orthodox LXX text?

      I'm sort of agnostic on the question of the Lucianic text--maybe owing to
      my own laziness. I haven't dealt with enough manuscripts directly, nor
      with the secondary literature concerning it, to be able to answer anything
      substantive to your first question. Sorry.

      But let me "answer" your other question(s) by posing some further
      questions. What form does the Byzantine text that supplanted everything
      else take in the manuscript evidence? Doesn't it consist primarily in
      lectionary manuscripts? If so, do you see any significance for your
      question(s) in that? I do.

      Secondly: how did it become the "dominant text?" On the textual criticism
      list, does anyone speak of the role of ecclesiastical authority in
      connection with these dominating text types? In other words, has anyone
      suggested that this was a process in which some role was played by
      ecclesiatical authorities? Is it conceived of as some proto-democratic
      process resolved by popular acclaim? (e.g., a certain text type
      predominated since it is what everyone wanted to buy) If it is more the
      former than the latter (my supposition), it seems to me like at least part
      of the answer to your questions could be found in reflecting further on
      the phenomenon of ecclesiatical authority with respect to textual

      Addressing the question of the texttype of the rest of the Orthodox LXX
      text needs to be prefaced by thinking carefully on these questions, in my
      view. Please propose your answers and I would be happy to dialogue
      further on the matter of the Orthodox LXX text. Maybe some implications
      for the Lucianic text can be arrived at in the process.

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