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1331Re: [lxx] Septuagint, Massorah, and The Dead Sea Scrolls

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  • John Litteral
    Sep 1, 2004
      Thank you for sharing a bit of a testimony.  I agree about how you feel about the Masoretic Text and it's shift from ancient accuracy to it's present form to protect it's non-Jesus passages in key messianic places, though found in all other ancient versions.  I run upon that and have developed a love for the LXX out of pure intellectual honesty.  I come from a Southern Baptist background, and when I studied textual criticism and also English translations, I found that alot of Protestant translations relied upon an OT format of the Masoretic Text and did not match the NT quotes of the of the OT, especially in key messianic passages, unless of course another version like the LXX or Dead Sea Scrolls were grafted in.  That bothered me and caused me doubts, as it should if you take your faith serious.  So that along with some other issues sent me on a journey of textual criticism and it has led me to were I am now.
      Many folks I used to congregate with view the Bible/KJV as a mystical book that was sent in a box to earth from God, and any other translation or version is corrupt or a new age translation.  Anytime you go talking about ancient manuscripts and the transmission of the Scriptures you might as well be talking to them in Greek because they start getting uncomfortable and put up their blinders.
      I prefer to just follow the truth whether it means that I change my opinion.  I love what St. Augustine said in his writings of the Trinity, "For those of you who read these lines, advance with me when you share my certianty.  Seek with me when you share the same doubts.  Accept my interpretation if it is you who is in error.  And win me over to yours if it is I who am wrong."  I think that is just fair and humble.
      I share many of the same beliefs as you do, not only about the LXX but also theologically.  My journey has led me to the Catholic Church. 
      Well, take care!  John
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