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87185RE: [lx90] lx90 and stellrium

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  • autostaretx
    Aug 5, 2014
      StarPatch updates a 497 Autostar at about a 115 kbaud rate, not 9600.
      (sneaky compression and programming)
      (a) if you're paid the registration fee.
      (b) if you're using the Free version, it runs at 115kbaud for *half* of the update, then drops to "Meade Speed" for the 2nd half.

      Meade's ASU (at 9600 baud) takes about 20 minutes to update a 497.
      StarPatch (free) takes 11 minutes
      StarPatch (registered/paid-for) takes 2 minutes

      StarPatch performs better error-checking during the update, too.

      StarPatch does NOT have the "user object library" functions that Meade's ASU has.

      have fun
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