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86846Re: [lx90] Re: Using 140v inverter

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  • George D. Nincehelser
    Apr 10, 2014
      I agree with Alan.  

      Depending on the transformer, it's hard to say exactly what would come out, but it shouldn't be anything that would kill your equipment.  Many transformers these days are auto-adjusting to the input voltage and frequency (at least between 110/220 V and 60/50 Hz).  

      Still, you obviously have an equipment failure...

      On Thu, Apr 10, 2014 at 9:04 PM, Alan <AstronomyW4WMM@...> wrote:

      I would venture to say that a 240V to 12V transformer that was inadvertently
      plugged into 120V would output 6V.

      240/12= 20.........therefore 20:1 Ratio
      120/6 = 20.........therefore 20:1 Ratio

      But I don't have knowledge as to what happens further down the circuit but
      I'd guess, nothing...
      But you say it has stopped working so something must have happened.

      Wish I could help, sorry.

      Looking Up,
      Alan, W4WMM
      International Meade LX90 Telescope Users Group Moderator Team
      30.69° N 88.24° W

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      The hand controller checks out. So the question is - has it done something
      to the RA/DEC motors or simply just burned out a fuse. To recap:

      1) Plugged a 240V transformer into 110V
      2) This would mean that 12V not exiting transformer


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