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86845Re: [lx90] Re: Using 140v inverter

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  • Alan
    Apr 10 7:04 PM
      I would venture to say that a 240V to 12V transformer that was inadvertently
      plugged into 120V would output 6V.

      240/12= 20.........therefore 20:1 Ratio
      120/6 = 20.........therefore 20:1 Ratio

      But I don't have knowledge as to what happens further down the circuit but
      I'd guess, nothing...
      But you say it has stopped working so something must have happened.

      Wish I could help, sorry.

      Looking Up,
      Alan, W4WMM
      International Meade LX90 Telescope Users Group Moderator Team
      30.69° N 88.24° W

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      The hand controller checks out. So the question is - has it done something
      to the RA/DEC motors or simply just burned out a fuse. To recap:

      1) Plugged a 240V transformer into 110V
      2) This would mean that 12V not exiting transformer


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