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86843Re: [lx90] Building a backyard Observatory

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  • Albireo14
    Apr 4, 2014
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      Hi Luther,

      I am just planning to build one in my backyard for my LX90. I figured it
      was too hard to build a hemispheric dome. So I based my design on a half
      "rhombicuboctaedric" shape.
      You will find the plans attached including the cutting templates for the
      plywood sheets. Now the hardest is still to be done...
      Contact me by private mail if needed.
      Hope it can help.
      Greetings from France


      Le 23/03/2014 21:59, mcsmurf1950@... a écrit :
      > Does anybody have any drawings or plans for building a
      > small observatory for an 12"LX90, simple and nothing really elaborate.
      > Now that I finally got the 100ft rewood tree of of my backyard I will
      > be able to use my scope again and now have a nice large wide open area
      > to permanently put my telescope.
      > Thanks
      > Luther

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