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  • lx90@yahoogroups.com
    Apr 1, 2014

      Photo Section Space Management Guidelines

      Because the disk usage in the LX-90 photo directories often
      approaches the maximum quota, the LX-90 moderators are
      frequently required to take steps to reduce disk usage, such as the
      archiving and/or removal of images. Below are some tips of how people can
      help, as well as information on how the LX-90 moderators manage disk
      usage so that people know in what cases their images may be removed.

      How You Can help:

      1. Be sure all images are no more than 100k when uploaded.
      2. After uploading, open the Full Size image and delete it.
      3. Photo titles or descriptions should somehow identify the person who
      uploaded the photo (e.g., full name, first name and last initial, Yahoo ID,
      4. If you have numerous images of the same target because you're imaging
      skills have been improving over time, please delete the old ones.
      5. Save jpeg files at 80% quality or 20% compression for posting.

      What the Moderators Do

      1. Moderators will remove any full size images.
      2. When disk usage gets high, the first priority for removal will be
      image files that consume over 100k. Files larger than 100k may be
      deleted at any time. However, they are not guaranteed to be deleted.
      Moderators may choose to leave large images at their discretion if
      there is something unique about them that makes the image understandably
      large. Examples might include a large composite of numerous
      images, or an animated gif which is large because it includes multiple frames.
      3. If the previous step does not free up sufficient space the next
      priority for removal will be the oldest images, so that with time the image
      directories renew themselves with fresh content.
      4. Since images are not archived, please keep your own copies of images that
      you would not wish to lose under any circumstances.
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