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86827Re: [lx90] Moonlite focuser

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  • tirnoney35
    Mar 21, 2014
      Thanks Fivel for your helpful comments,
      At present I am simply gathering as much information as possible before I put my hand into my pocket.
      Once bought it is too late to have second thoughts.
      My telescope is a very old lx90 classic made around 2000.   (no bells and whistles) However, it is a very good telescope.  It has never given me a moments trouble, the go-to is accurate and I see no reason to change it yet.  Over the years I have added a few things like a new diagonal I bought some quality eyepieces.
      I have the mpression,reading these page over the years,that Meade has lost the plot.  They have introduced more and more complex gadgets which seem to give the user trouble.  My simple old classic just keeps on going trouble free.  If I am a Dinosaur then I am a happy Dinosaur 

      Very best wishes


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