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86826Re: [lx90] Moonlite focuser

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  • F&M Goodman
    Mar 20, 2014
      Hello John. Fivel here again. If you are not interested in a focuser, that mounts on the visual back, then maybe look into the JMI Motofocus. It is easy to install and the only item you touch is the included hand controller. It has several focus speed and is very smooth (from all reviews). It's main drawback is that it doesn't (as far as I know) afford remote focussing via software. I did not get the impression that you required remote focus capability. If the link I provide is not removed (http://www.jimsmobile.com/buy_motofocus.htm#Meade), then check out the device. If the link is removed, you can Google "jmi motofocus" and select the Meade SCT option. Best of luck-Fivel
      On Mar 20, 2014, at 1:09 PM, <tirnoney35@...> wrote:


      Thanks Jim,

      I very much appreciate your helpful comments.
      My other main problem is the cloudy skies in the UK. Can you do anything  about this.    

      Very best wishes and good observing

      John (UK)

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