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86818Re: [lx90] Moonlite focuser

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  • F&M Goodman
    Mar 14, 2014
      Hello John. I personally have not installed the focuser, but I have read much on this subject.
      The focussed works well, but if you plan to use a focal reducer and off-axis guider, there may be two issues.
      1. Not enough fork base clearance for the imager (assuming that is your desire).
      2. Distance from the back of the focuser to the imaging sensor, to get the focal reducer effective reduction.
      The great advantage of any visual back mounted focuser, is that you can set the optimum focus, of the mirror, and use the Crayford for further adjustments. This minimizes mirror movements that can effect overall performance.
      I hope this helps you. Clear skies-Fred
      On Mar 14, 2014, at 11:12 AM, <tirnoney35@...> wrote:


      Re Moonlite Crayford type focuser for the Lx90.


      Has anyone fitted this type of focuser to their Lx90 and what has your experience been.


      Thanks for your opinions


      John UK

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