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      Think Forward - The ResearchChannel Newsletter
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      The Art of Celebration

      December is a month of festivities for peoples and cultures all over the globe. This month, ResearchChannel joins hands with the arts to provide a jubilant celebration of programs highlighting the music and theatre that add flavor to the holidays.

      Ilkhom Theatre Company Sharing a Vision: Tashkent to Seattle
      University of Washington
      The Ilkhom Theatre Company’s performance at Seattle’s ACT Theatre earlier this year brought stories of love, history, religion and culture to the Pacific Northwest. Learn about Ilkhom Theatre’s work and the foundations and inspiration for their performances as members of the theater engage students from the University of Washington’s School of Drama in this interactive workshop.

      Blues Biology
      University of Virginia
      Musician Corey Harris shares his insights into blues music and the stress-relieving effects it has through a series of songs that describe his experiences and observations about life.

      Winter Gospel Concert
      University of Washington
      Celebrate the holiday season with this upbeat winter concert by the University of Washington Gospel choir.

      Elmer Bernstein: A Musical Tribute
      University of Southern California
      Award-winning composer Elmer Bernstein is noted for his dramatic yet soothing scores. From “To Kill a Mockingbird” to “Ghostbusters,” Bernstein’s music is sure to warm the hearts of all ages and audiences. In this tribute concert featuring the USC Thornton Jazz Orchestra, Bernstein’s most memorable works are reinvigorated back to life. (This program is only available online.)

      ResearchChannel expands online closed captioning availability

      Thanks to a new programming script created by ResearchChannel engineers, online closed captioning has been expanded. More than 150 programs offered through ResearchChannel now include online closed captioning. Look for the closed captioning symbol (a “CC” within a black box) at ResearchChannel.org to watch programs with this feature.

      Expanding ResearchChannel’s closed captioned options allows those with hearing loss or hearing difficulties to also enjoy our programs, and will allow for improved search function on our Web site in the future. ResearchChannel anticipates the number of programs with closed captioning to grow as this feature becomes an industry standard in broadcast and online television.

      The re-encoding process also created new podcasting-compatible files for each program. Many programs previously unavailable for download now include MPEG-4 and MP3 files for podcasting.

      For example, check out Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s program “Balancing the Fat Equation,” which now includes online closed captioning and downloadable file formats.

      This Month's Video Picks

      December is AIDS/HIV Awareness Month. Learn about the history, development and the future of this worldwide epidemic through the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Understanding Biomedical Research Series:  

      AIDS and the HIV Life Cycle

      Drugs and HIV Evolution

      From Outbreak to Epidemic

      New This Month

      Cyber-Security: The First Pacific Rim Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition
      University of Washington
      The First Pacific Rim Regional Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition — or "Geeks Under Attack!" — tested students’ ability to protect enterprise network and business information systems. Hosted by Microsoft, this competition offered a challenging proving ground for nine teams of rising cybersecurity professionals.

      Inside Stories: Dr. Hugh Ruppersburg
      The University of Georgia
      What makes for quintessential Georgia literature? Dr. Hugh Ruppersburg, scholar of Southern literature and anthologist of the literature of Georgia, reflects on the history and culture of the state of Georgia, and the great writers who hail from the Peach State.

      Devil's Highway: An Evening with Author Luis Urrea
      University of Washington
      Acclaimed author Luis Alberto Urrea offers insight into his nonfiction book “The Devil’s Highway,” the account of 26 men attempting to cross the Mexican border into Arizona through a formidable area known as the Devil’s Highway.

      Behind the Code with Richard Ward
      Microsoft Research
      Just as artists embody a diverse set of talents and interests, computer engineers also use a diverse set of experiences for inspiration in their work. Richard Ward does just that for Microsoft.

      Internet Evolution and Some Challenges for the 21st Century
      University of Washington
      What will the Internet of the future look like? This new program from the popular CSE Colloquia 2008 series examines mobility, multilingual domain names and interplanetary extension. Other new programs from this series debut this month, including “Measuring the Accuracy of Distributed Algorithms on Multi-Robot Systems” and “Intelligence in Wikipedia.”
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