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    Hi there, I’m emailing on behalf of Weights&Measures, a group exhibition of young artists working in Leeds and currently studying Fine Art at Leeds College
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2012
      Hi there, I�m emailing on behalf of Weights&Measures, a group exhibition of
      young artists working in Leeds and currently studying Fine Art at Leeds
      College of Art. The show promises to be interesting not only for its fresh
      perspective, but also the diversity, quality and amount of work to be seen.

      The show opens next Thursday and we�d love to see you there. Also, if
      there�s any possibility that you could give us some promotion it would be
      immensely appreciated. I�ve attached a short press release, as well as a
      250 write up by respected Leeds artist Garry Barker and a PDF of the
      exhibition poster and title image. You can find more information about the
      show here: www.weights-measures.co.uk

      Anything you could do to help us spread the word would be a fantastic
      boost. Let me know if you need any more info or clarification




      WEIGHTS&MEASURES is an exhibition of work from 38 emerging artists living
      and working in Leeds.

      The pieces on show range from illustration to installation, sculpture to
      video, but are united by a shared exploration of physical materiality in
      the artwork.

      The exhibitions opening night is on the 3rd of May 6pm-9pm

      The show runs for a week, finishing on the 10th of May, and is open from
      12pm-6pm daily.


      Patrick Studios

      St. Marys Lane


      LS9 7EH

      Weights and Measures write-up (Garry Barker)

      Weights and measures (The aesthetic scales are tipped in favour of the

      Aesthetic decisions can weigh heavily on both fine artists and their
      audiences, especially when it comes to making and receiving art through the
      intractable materiality of practice. These 38 second year fine art students
      have set out their stall to measure the aesthetic temperature of
      professional exhibition curation and in the balance seek to take the
      measure of what it is to be an emerging artist. Painting, drawing,
      sculpture, video and installation work is being tested and measured for
      creativity, inspiration, lightness of touch, weight of endeavour and visual
      effect. It is only to be hoped their aesthetic protractor rings true, and
      that as it seeks to measure and apportion taste, we don't find it's always
      set to the angle of perceived pain.

      Take the measure of these works, take a load off your feet, sit down and
      deliberate; ponder on their ponderousness, weigh up their worth, and don't
      forget their future lies in the balance and your consideration is all they
      ask. No money need be exchanged, no pound of flesh has to be put on the
      scale; it's all for free, for your eyes only, as long of course that the
      scales have been removed.

      Are these young artists punching above their weight are there any
      heavyweights amongst them? Have they melted down the gold and silver of
      refined poetry or just discovered lead in their alchemic artist's search?
      Only the measured beat of time will tell.

      Garry Barker

      March 2012

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