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LVAF AGM minutes

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  • Margaret McLeary
    Minutes from LVAF Annual General Meeting 5.45pm 9th September 2003, LGI Boardroom, Leeds Present: Present; Margaret McLeary (MM), Gail Bolland (GB), Paul
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      Minutes from LVAF Annual General Meeting
      5.45pm 9th September 2003, LGI Boardroom, Leeds

      Present: Present; Margaret McLeary (MM), Gail Bolland (GB), Paul Stones
      (PS), Ryan Riddington (RR), John Hornsby (JH), Kerry Harker (KH), Ray
      Stevens (RS), Josie Flynn (JF), Terry Hammill (TH), Sally Toft (ST), Sara
      Trentham, ACEY (ST).
      Apologies: Nigel Walsh, Moira Innes

      1. Amendments to LVAF constitution -
      It was agreed to make the following amendments to the constitution:

      Paragraph 3.1 to be altered to read �The definition of a LVAF member is
      anyone who is a listserve subscriber, active in LVAF project groups or a
      Management Committee member�

      Paragraph 3.1.3 to be removed.

      Paragraph 10 (Termination of membership) to be moved and renumbered as 3.4.
      Paragraphs subsequent to paragraph 10 to be renumbered accordingly.

      2. Report from Chair, Mags McLeary �
      MM noted the successes of the group and mentioned that it is significant how
      the higher profile and more positive image of LVAF has led the group to be
      invited to participate in a variety of events during the past year and in
      the coming months i.e. Fast Forward (March 2003), LMU�s SPACE conference
      (May 2003), LMU�s Testbed event (July 2003), exhibition at Linden Mill,
      Hebden Bridge (Feb 2004).
      MM noted that LVAF has met every month and minuted the meetings; agreed and
      worked within the constitution; appointed the roles of Chair, Secretary and
      Treasurer; set up projects with active project teams; set up a Management
      Committee, each of whom have specific responsibilities.
      A new website has been designed and set up; first issue of the newsletter is
      almost ready to go to press; membership has remained stable; a new
      logo/brand design is in process; the listserve celebrated it�s second
      birthday with 140 subscribers.
      ACE, Yorkshire has offered LVAF �2500 for project development, part of which
      will go to an exhibition to be curated by Paddy Hartley in 2005; CIDA has
      offered LVAF �250 to facilitate a Creative Exchange event in Leeds.

      Report from Secretary, Ray Stevens �
      RS noted how subscription to the listserve has increased steadily during the
      year, and how the group has remained enthusiastic and has focused on its
      aims with clear results.

      Report from Treasurer, Gail Bolland �
      GB distributed a financial report for 2002-03, showing that the account is
      in credit with a surplus of �228 at the end of the financial year. She
      reminded the group that there is still �1,250 to be drawn down from ACE,
      Yorkshire as the second half of their grant offer.

      3. Re-election of Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
      All roles were proposed and seconded; MM, RS and GB were re-elected to their
      respective roles.

      Meeting closed at 6.15pm.

      Margaret McLeary

      Leeds Visual Arts Forum
      Tel: 07879 632 480
      Email: mags_mcleary@...
      Web: www.lvaf.org.uk

      Leeds Visual Arts Forum -
      Raising the profile of visual arts in Leeds

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