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YAN-Y opportunity

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  • Antonia Stowe
    Youth Arts Network - Yorkshire General Information The new Youth Arts Network-Yorkshire is the network for Youth Arts across the Yorkshire & Humber Region
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2002
      Youth Arts Network - Yorkshire

      General Information

      The new Youth Arts Network-Yorkshire is the network for Youth Arts across the Yorkshire & Humber Region

      YAN-Y is..

      a.. a strategic partnership between the Regional Youth Work Unit for Yorkshire and the Humber, and Yorkshire Arts
      b.. an independent network, which spans youth work organisations, arts organisations, youth arts practitioners, youth groups and other agencies and individuals based within Yorkshire and the Humber region, who work in or wish to access Youth Arts activity.
      c.. Membership is open to all within the field: young people, workers, volunteers, agencies, advocates and artists.
      What YAN-Y offers its members
      YAN-Y will function as

      a.. a bridge between those involved in youth work and those involved in youth arts
      b.. a live network of contacts and an accessible database
      c.. a hub from which to gather and exchange information, identify training needs,
      provide a regional forum for debate, and get collective activity or events in motion

      · a signpost to good practice and workable models, and to relevant research

      What YAN-Y aims to achieve

      YAN-Y has 5 strategic objectives:

      · Establish a current database of youth arts contacts

      · Co-ordinate 2 regional events, focussing on current issues

      · Collate good youth arts practice taking place in the region - for sharing effective and deliverable models

      · Identify relevant research; for use in advocacy and training

      · Offer a regional vehicle for advocating Youth Arts, and a channel to national networks of peer organisations, useful for wider collaborative advocacy.

      YAN-Y's style and beliefs

      We don't all use the same language to define our aims and working practices, though we work with the same young people, and seek similar outcomes. YAN-Y is a network whose identity is simply the common beliefs and shared aims of its members, tied to no single cultural identity or mode of expression. No jargon rules..

      YAN-Y offers the chance to sign up to a shared belief in the value of the arts in delivering the youth work curriculum, in enabling young people to enhance and fulfil their own creative ambitions.

      YAN-Y stake-holders and members define the best youth arts practice as that which

      · celebrates, validates and expresses young people's lives and cultures

      · nurtures the energy, vision, enthusiasm and creativity of young people

      · aims to stretch young people's artistic and creative potential to the highest standards of achievement

      · can be a unique, vital, challenging and experimental exploration of arts and media

      · can express views and opinions which challenge adult [and dominant] concepts

      · resists oppression and discrimination experienced by many young people as a result of prejudice of race, gender, sexual orientation, class, religion, disability or age.

      YAN-Y believes the best youth arts practice empowers young people:

      · by including their ideas, vision and perspective in the planning and running of projects

      · by sharing responsibility and decision-making in all aspects of working together

      · by offering a context for communicating and negotiating with each other and with adults, and for exploring their rights and responsibilities as equal citizens

      · by taking their voices and views on society seriously

      · by expecting commitment and professionalism from young people at all times

      "When you do something where you create, it builds something inside you that never really goes away." - young participant in an arts-based project researched by Shirley Brice Heath, Stanford, USA, 1998

      Why you should join YAN -Y.

      YAN-Y recognises an eternal dilemma:

      Collective and co-ordinated activity is powerful and dynamic, but takes precious time.

      However..time and money are the two luxuries none of us has.

      YAN-Y aims to facilitate debate and collective activity, but demand little time or money.

      YAN-Y aims to open doors and leave them ajar, and to lay the ground for new partnerships

      Once a YAN-Y member, you will receive mailings, information, and have a voice.

      Outside YAN-Y, you are outside the loop. ..... don't be!!


      To ask for an application form

      Anni Raw

      Email: anniraw@... T: 0113 2703595 F: 0113 2703643

      RYWU> Belle Isle Open Access Centre> Enterprise Way> Middleton Rd> Belle Isle> Leeds> LS10 3DZ

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