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Vitrine presents CARTOGRAPH 3 April-31 May

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  • Pippa Hale
    Vitrine presents CARTOGRAPH by Blair Cunningham 3 April ­ 31 May 2006 At Vitrine venues including Leeds Train Station and The Merrion Centre and Leeds City
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      Vitrine presents

      CARTOGRAPH by Blair Cunningham
      3 April ­ 31 May 2006
      At Vitrine venues including Leeds Train Station and The Merrion Centre and
      Leeds City Art Gallery

      Cartography is the science or skill of making maps. For Vitrine, artist
      Blair Cunningham has made a series of drawings or maps of his personal
      journeys, whether real or imagined, and displays them in glass display
      cabinets at the Merrion Centre and Train Station.

      The abstract patterns of criss-crossing lines portray our bus ride to work,
      the short walk we make to the newsagent or sandwich shop or even the
      corridors between offices where we work. These journeys affect our behaviour
      and emotions and reflect something of who we are, but can we too leave an
      imprint on our surroundings like a line or trace behind us?

      Directors Pippa Hale and Kerry Harker have worked with the Henry Moore
      Institute¹s Stephen Feeke who curated Glasgow-based artist Blair Cunningham.
      A catalogue about ŒCartograph¹ with writing by Stephen and a map of all
      Vitrine venues is available free from Leeds City Art Gallery and Gateway

      Cartograph is the final exhibition in the first Vitrine programme which
      began back in November 2004. Since then the project has staged a mix of
      group and solo projects and shown work by over 30 artists. Vitrine is
      continuing with a new programme next year and in the meantime will launch a
      special publication documenting the project to date this Autumn.

      ***** STOP PRESS *****

      Anthony Shapland¹s ŒNightworkers¹ will be showing every night on the BBC¹s
      Big Screen on Millennium Square, Leeds from 3 April ­ 31 May, 11pm ­ 6am.
      The film shows nightworkers asleep during the daytime and was originally
      displayed on small TV monitors in Vitrine venues as part of Leeds City Art
      Gallery¹s ŒSomething Of The Night¹.


      BLAIR CUNNINGHAM is an artist and lecturer based in Glasgow. He is a
      graduate of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design Dundee and
      Glasgow School of Art. He has taken part in ŒCreative Connections¹ with the
      British Council, an exchange of creative people between the UK and Australia
      during which he was based in Melbourne. Over the last year he has show in
      several group shows in the UK and in New Zealand where he was visiting
      artists at the Otago School of Art, Dunedin. He is currently working toward
      a project a the Otago Public Art Gallery in 2006.

      Vitrine (noun); a glass display case; from French, shop window; ultimately
      from Latin ­ vitrum, glass Oxford English Dictionary. Vitrine is an 18-month
      curatorial project for Leeds by Pippa Hale and Kerry Harker. It is a
      not-for-profit venture funded by The Arts Council of England, with support
      from Leeds City Council and The University of Leeds. Vitrine¹s venues are
      all located within easy walking distance around the city centre and include
      Leeds Train Station, Leeds City Art Gallery and The Merrion Centre. For
      further information go to www.vitrine.org.uk

      Vitrine is funded by Arts Council England and Leeds City Council with the
      generous support of the University of Leeds, Logistik Ltd and Wish.

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