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  • hmeadley
    ex Screening Event Saturday 28th September 6pm onwards As a finale to our current exhibition ex [ more info here ] we will be screening the films DIVE by Tom
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      ex Screening Event

      Saturday 28th September 6pm onwards

      As a finale to our current exhibition ex [more info here] we will be screening the films DIVE by Tom Bennett and Dungeness by Joshua Hart & Ingram Roeder. 


      Benjamin envisioned breathing underwater, via means of trust. Trust imperative to his friendship with Isaac. Tom, asked to capture the process of this forming artwork, saw value in the documentation as film. Several in-depth conversations later, a shared dream was build in the form of DIVE. 

      Our individual roles formed, as three points in a triangle:

      Isaac; Planning and forming Benjamin's dream as a reality. He will construct the diving suit.

      Benjamin; Enacting and realising his visions. He will dive using the suit.

      Tom; Capturing and documenting their pursuit for realisation. He will film the process.

      The project has led them to an ancient meteorite lake in the Maharashtra district of India, Lonar Crater, where the depths of water collide with the infinity of space.

      Tom Bennett (b. 1990, Reading) recently graduated from Goldsmiths, London. 


      Dungeness is the result of an ongoing collaborative project by the artists Joshua Hart and Ingram Roeder produced between 2011 and 2013. Viewed as a two channel film, the footage projected on the left is filmed by Joshua Hart whilst the right is by Ingram Roeder. The piece is at once documentary and installation. The footage starts and ends at the foot of the sea, as the artists archive their route across the vast landscape of Dungeness.

      "The real moments of beauty happen largely by coincidence between the two frames." - Ingram Roeder 

      Joshua Hart (b. 1990, Keighley) and Ingram Roeder (b. 1991, Crewe) recently graduated from Middlesex University, London.

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      East Street Arts

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      Leeds LS9 7EH

      +44 [0] 113 248 0040


      Thur – Sat 12:00 – 17:00

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