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New Exhibition: Translated State - The Essence of an Industry

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  • Fine Line Arts
    Corn Exchange Exhibition û 25th July-1st August 2013 PRIVATE VIEW: UNIT 23, 5PM-7PM Title: ôTranslated State: Essence of an Industryö In conjunction with
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      Exchange Exhibition � 25th July-1st August 2013


      �Translated State: Essence of an Industry�

      In conjunction
      with the 150th Anniversary of the Leeds Corn Exchange, designed by Cuthbert
      Broderick, Fine Line Arts is exhibiting �Translated State: The Essence of an
      Industry�- a week long show that promises to evoke the essence of the Victorian
      Industrial Revolution within Leeds and capture the history of the Leeds Corn

      Each Artist
      already has a strong practice and this is evident in the work that is displayed
      from heavy metal work to delicate paper cuts, yet the groups output is always
      seemingly complimentary. In this show, the viewer will be invited to
      interact with the artworks where stated and create their own art during our
      creative workshop day* on Saturday 27th July � this workshop will be available
      to all ages*

      Mission Statement:

      Fine Line Arts (FLA)
      is a Leeds based Collective of Artists that exhibit our own work locally and
      provide opportunities for other Yorkshire Artists to exhibit alongside the
      Collective. The key values for FLA are the importance of Materiality and the
      reality of the Artist. The main aim of FLA is to create an opportunities for
      the modern �Working Artist� to exhibit work that identifies the individual
      purely as an artist rather than the everyday career they have chosen. Many
      Artists, young and old, find that they have to take on �real� jobs in order to
      progress in life rather than relying on the ideals of becoming widely
      recognised in the art world and general media. This, in turn, creates a
      struggle for the individual to continue producing artworks on a professional
      level and inevitably, practice ultimately becomes a hobby at best or dwindles
      away completely. Our intention is to restore the seemingly cracked relationship
      between creativity and the working Artist.


      Elizabeth Loren

      Christopher Freitag

      Beth Gadd

      Samantha Chtimi

      Emily Towler

      John Wright

      Chloe Rice

      F - www.facebook.com/FineLineArtsUK

      T - @finelinearts_uk

      P - 07507 995525

      *Fine Line Arts
      does not take responsibility for any injuries caused whilst visiting the
      exhibition or taking part in the workshops.

      *Fine Line Arts does not take responsibility for unsupervised children under
      the age of 16.

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