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Re: [Lupin III] Tokyopop Lupin info. from Anime Boston

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  • Daniel Zelter
    ... grill Geneon ... They ll just play the neither confirm nor deny game until the big three cons anyway. (The big three being AX, Otakon, or Comic Con.) But
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2005
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      >Missed the Funimation panel, and didn't bother to
      grill Geneon
      >about Lupin at their panel.

      They'll just play the "neither confirm nor deny" game
      until the big three cons anyway. (The big three being
      AX, Otakon, or Comic Con.) But hopefully, if the 11th
      dvd and any potential future dvds don't sell well
      enough, Geneon will at least get the Miyazaki episodes
      out as a collection like Streamline did. "Funltd" can
      keep us abreast of how the movies are doing.

      > It looks like that 2006 date that cropped up briefly
      > is going to be correct.

      Oh well. I can wait. My manga plate's full right now,
      thanks to Jump. Although after seeing Raijin
      "postponed" as well, it's slightly disappointing.

      >I point blank asked the rep if Lupin was cancelled;
      >the reply was that Tokyopop does not cancel titles.

      But they do lose the rights to them. ^_-

      > However, they are cranking up their more popular
      > series to monthly releases which pushes back titles
      > that are not as hot to sometime in 2006.

      Outside of CLAMP, they don't have many "more popular"
      series nowadays. My guess is they released WMW too
      fast, and they're hoping to make more sales on the
      first series. Or they probably mismarketed WMW.

      > On the upside, the rep did state she likes the Lupin
      > manga and wishes it were being released steadily.
      > So, at least there is one person on the inside that
      > will try to keep it going.

      It's just a shame that MP's other work might not get a
      release here as a result of disappointing sales. I'd
      like Siamese Neko and his recent anime shows to be in
      the U.S. too.

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