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The LupintheThird Newsletter - Issue 06, May 2003

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  • cruzl
    ... The LupintheThird Newsletter - Issue 06, May 2003 ... Welcome to all, old and new! April was a busy month for myself as I attended Anime Boston, my first
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      The LupintheThird Newsletter - Issue 06, May 2003
      Welcome to all, old and new! April was a busy month for myself as I
      attended Anime Boston, my first ever convention. I find myself with
      an empty wallet but lots of new Lupin toys. But I have managed to put
      them down long enough to bring you another monthly installment.

      So hang on to your favorite fedora... Here we go!

      Lupin tidbits from Anime Boston
      Your intrepid author managed to brave the lines and get into the
      Bandai and Pioneer panels. Jerry Chu, the representative for Bandai,
      did not have much information on the various video games Bandai will
      be releasing. From his comments though, there will be a number of
      titles announced at E3; it is a good bet that the pre-order pages Reed
      has been finding are legitimate. Get ready for the first Lupin game
      to hit the US shores!

      Pioneer has no plans to put the older Mamo dubs on their upcoming
      release as they do not have access to the original source materials.
      The initial Adult Swim broadcast run produced OK but not great
      numbers; despite this, Pioneer indicated that they want to release as
      much of the Lupin TV series as possible. They gave no indication as
      to when we will see more Lupin on Adult Swim, but it appears that the
      decision is not entirely up to them as the Cartoon Network chooses
      what shows are shown when.

      I did see some Lupin cosplayers as well. There was one green-jacketed
      Lupin, a few Jigens, and one Zenigata. The amusing thing was that
      the Zenigata cosplayer was working security for the convention. :)

      The dubbed version of Cagliostro was shown in one of the video rooms;
      let's hope that Funimation and Pioneer get their product on Anime
      Boston's screens next year.

      Fuma finally on DVD!
      After being delayed from December 2002 to April 2003, Fuma is finally
      on DVD after another but brief (one week) delay. It looks and
      sounds fantastic! I compared the video quality to the AnimEigo LD,
      and there is a world of difference between the two. If you enjoyed
      Cagliostro, this DVD has to be your next purchase. For now, it is
      only being sold on AnimEigo's website for only $22.45. Now we just
      need them to release Babylon soon!

      Buy it now from AnimEigo:

      Anime on DVD review:

      Lupin Episode 2: Attack of the Mamos
      With Pioneer's upcoming release of Mamo on DVD, the group has been
      buzzing with various tidbits and trivia about the film. At long
      last, the US will finally be able to watch Mamo in the original
      Japanese. What is amazing is that the US audience will also be
      the first ones to receive Mamo on DVD; the Japanese have yet to
      see Mamo on the shiny, small format. With the 25th anniversary
      of Mamo occurring this December, perhaps the Japanese will finally
      see a DVD release of Mamo.

      With Pioneer producing their own dub of Mamo, Mamo surely has to
      be one of the most dubbed titles ever to come out of Japan. The
      first English dub was made in 1978 to be shown on trans-Atlantic
      flights from Japan; this dub is commonly referred to as the
      "Hong Kong (HK) dub" and survives only in the form of n-th generation
      VHS copies. Streamline Pictures produced their own dub in 1995; you
      can still find cheap, legitimate VHS copies along with over-priced,
      legitimate DVD copies of the Streamline dub on eBay. There was also
      a UK dub made in 1996.

      What is remarkable is that the dialogue for the HK and Streamline
      dubs were remarkably accurate to the original dialogue. The
      Streamline dub did alter some lines here and there, but it still
      remained faithful to the original work. We can only hope Pioneer
      decides to do the same with their dub.

      One other thing to watch for in Pioneer's release is the inclusion
      or exclusion of the "flashing yellow stars" death scene. The
      observant "unclejun76" noticed that the old Cliff Hanger game
      footage included a scene that he could not find in either Cagliostro
      or Mamo. After finally obtaining a copy of the '78 dub, he found
      the scene to occur right before the title sequence is shown. The
      Japanese LD and US versions of the film do not have this sequence.
      Will Pioneer's version have this sequence, or is it lost to us
      forever? Only time will tell...

      Finally, Reed Nelson pointed out that the latest Newtype USA issue
      has an article by Fred Patten, a former employee of Streamline. He
      comments that the official TMS English language script for Mamo
      had the name spelled as "Mamoux". Streamline decided to use "Mamo"
      as fans had been doing for fifteen years rather than tell them
      they were wrong all that time. Considering none of us had access
      to that script (and how can we get access to it now?!), how were
      we supposed to know that the katakana "ma mo <symbol for elongated
      vowel sound>" was supposed to represent a French name?

      The Magician returns... again!
      In a surprising announcement, Vap re-released the "Return of the
      Magician" DVD. The reissued DVD went on sale 23 April for 3800 yen.
      The news posting on lupin-3rd.net seems to indicate that the DVD
      comes with a CD-ROM but not the one that was originally packaged in
      the limited edition box set. Additionally, it does not include the
      soundtrack CD originally bundled in the box set. The listing for the
      DVD on CDJapan does not indicate that there is a CD-ROM bundled
      with the DVD though.

      Vap also released an extended soundtrack on 23 April for 2095 yen.
      This soundtrack appears to include all of the tracks that were
      released on the soundtrack CD bundled in the limited edition box set
      along with tracks from some other specials such as "Episode:0".

      Order from CDJapan (DVD & CD):

      New Yahoo group for the upcoming Hollywood film
      A Lupin fan has created a Yahoo group specifically geared towards
      discussing the upcoming Hollywood live-action film. Help make this
      group the focal point for fan opinions about the film.

      Group homepage:

      Lupin goes mobile... but only in Japan
      Cell phones have become a permanent part of modern Japanese culture;
      a new service will be bringing Lupin fans a way of enjoying their
      favorite thief on the go.

      For 200 yen (not sure if this is per use fee or monthly fee) each,
      you can access Lupin sights, sounds, and games. The service was
      rolled out to J-sky Web customers on 16 April, EZweb customers on 17
      April, and I-mode customers on 21 April. The service has a website,
      but it does not appear to be accessible via a normal PC web browser.

      The service announcement:

      The official website:

      Lupin the Third Perfect Book
      I cannot believe I let this one slip by for two newsletters. On
      13 February, Takarajima Publications released "Lupin the Third
      Perfect Book". It contains reviews and interviews from Japanese
      fans on the web as well as those that have worked on the series over
      the years.

      Takarajima Publications' page for the book:

      Upcoming & Recent Releases
      17 April:
      Rupan III: The Fuma Conspiracy (R1 DVD, AnimEigo)
      23 April:
      Lupin III: Ikiteita Majutsushi (R2 DVD, Vap)
      Lupin III: Ikiteita Majutsushi OST (CD, Vap)

      20 May:
      Lupin the 3rd: Voyage to Danger (R1 DVD, Funimation)

      10 June:
      Lupin III Volume 4 (manga, TokyoPop)

      8 July:
      Lupin the 3rd TV 3: The Family Jewels (R1 DVD, Pioneer)
      Lupin III Volume 5 (manga, TokyoPop)

      29 July:
      Lupin the 3rd the Movie: Secret of Mamo (R1 DVD, Pioneer)

      5 August:
      Lupin III Volume 6 (manga, TokyoPop)

      9 September:
      Lupin III Volume 7 (manga, TokyoPop)

      24 September:
      Lupin the 3rd (US PS2, Bandai/Dreamworks)

      Missing in Action:
      Lupin III: umi ni kieta hiho (Japanese GameCube, Asmik Ace)
      Lupin toys (Diamond Comics)

      Parting Shots
      When, oh, when will Pioneer start clamping down on all the bootleg
      Lupin sets being sold on eBay? It is not that difficult to do, and
      I know from first-hand experience. In the past and just within
      the last week, I have had auctions pulled from eBay for stealing
      my images (via linking to them on my server) and text (straight
      cut & paste from my pages). The initial setup to get into eBay's
      Vero program is a bit tedious requiring the faxing of documents,
      but once that is done, it is a simple task to report item violations.

      Even a small company like AnimEigo has taken to policing eBay for
      bootlegs. Why won't Pioneer do the same? If they do not have the
      manpower, recruit some fans to help out; I would do it for free if
      it means I can scan the eBay Lupin listings without seeing page
      after page of bootleg TV sets. C'mon Pioneer! Get off your duff!

      There are rumblings that the Lupin GameCube game is set to be
      released in the US as well. Perhaps the game will be a bilingual
      release; this might explain why it missed its initial December
      2002 release date. The US and Japan might be getting a Japanese
      and English language version of the game on one disc.

      And where are my US released Lupin toys?! Don't you want my money
      Diamond Comics?

      Farewell, lovely Lupin fans. See you in thirty-one!

      === Luis Cruz (sprak@...) ===
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