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Re: Float Report Mar. 8 & 9 on Lumber River

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  • domeece
    In response on this trip, the campers, Ned Bridgeford and wife Nancy Helton, trip leader Grant Florian, and Don & Sandy Meece started gathering firewood after
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 12, 2003
      In response on this trip, the campers, Ned Bridgeford and wife Nancy
      Helton, trip leader Grant Florian, and Don & Sandy Meece started
      gathering firewood after the day trippers left. Grant pulled his
      kayak up the road and tried to cross the high water on the road
      leading in to the campsite. That night after Sandy and I had baked
      potato, steak, and asperagus for supper we joined the rest at the
      campfire where Ned and Nancy were cooking chili and bread. Grant had
      a soup bowl where you add hot water to a corn, noodle mix that he said
      tasted like glue. We sat around the fire that night and listened as
      Grant and Nancy tried to solve the world problems and what went wrong
      with the civil war. Ned retired early followed by Sandy and I while
      leaving the campfire philosophers (Nancy & Grant) still at it. In the
      morning after a good breakfast of eggs, cheese grits and country ham
      we packed up and departed Piney Island around 1030. Since everyone
      decided to take out at Boardman around 1230, Sandy and I left for the
      Lumber River State Park to eat lunch near the river.
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      <canoeman32@y...> wrote:
      > On March 8 at about 11:30 AM thirteen LRCC members and two dogs
      > in the Lumber at Phillips Bridge on Willoughby Rd. S.E. of
      > NC. Since the river was well above flood stage "short cuts" were
      > available and often taken. Two of our party somehow got into a
      > channel or went upstream. While the rest of the group waited, trip
      > Leader Grant Florian and I went up stream to find them. With the "
      > lost members" back with us we headed back down stream. After about
      > hours paddle we reached Buck Landing where we ate lunch and shared
      > stories.
      > After lunch we paddled on to Piney Island,about a half hour farther
      > downstream. Because of the high water there were only a few places
      > pitch tents. However Those who planned to camp were able to find
      > suitable sites. Zack Isom started a camp fire for the campers while
      > some of us watched Don Meece demonstrate the art of pitching a tent.
      > Those who camped at Piney Island that night were Grant Florian, Don
      > and Sandy Meece,Ned Bridgeford, and his wife Nancy Helton.
      > Tom and Mary Florian, Marsha Tai, Charles West, Danny, Diane and
      > Isom,and I ,(Marshall Thompson) stayed at the campsite for anout
      > an hour socializing before heading on downstream. On the way to
      > Boardman Landing Danny, Marsha, and Marshall sang a couple of verses
      > of The Eddystone Light. Then Marshall " sang" (I use the term
      > a couple of his river songs. About that time we saw a doe,(a deer, a
      > female deer), running down the bank on river left. She won't be the
      > first who ran away when Marshall began to sing. We got to Boardman
      > about 4:00 PM after about an hours paddle from Piney Island.
      > The campers paddled down to Boardman where they took out on Sunday.
      > hope that one of them will post the story of their night on the
      > Marshall
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