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Little River (Neuse Basin) 2/8/03

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  • jimdepree
    Eight paddlers and a dog did a nine mile paddle on the Little River (Neuse basin) from SR 231 down to the reservoir above the Atkinson s Mill dam just above
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 9, 2003
      Eight paddlers and a dog did a nine mile paddle on the Little River
      (Neuse basin) from SR 231 down to the reservoir above the Atkinson's
      Mill dam just above the 42 bridge. There was plenty of water (Gauge
      height at Princeton of 5.3 ft.) and a pretty hefty current for the
      first 8 miles. Then we got into what was basically the mill pond
      and it flattened out. The air was in the forties with a ten knot
      wind and I had ice on my boat at the start. The sun was out most of
      the time, however, so while it never got warm, it was generally
      pleasant if we stayed bundled and dry. There were plenty of
      strainers but only two actual pullover/portages, both being within a
      mile either side of the 1733 bridge which was about 6.5 miles
      downstream. We saw plenty of ducks, some smaller birds, and one

      The banks are mostly fairly high. Even in the swampy areas, high
      banks were visible within a few hundred yards to either side. The
      current stayed mostly in the 2-4 mph range making some of the
      strainers a challenge to get through/past. Two of our party fell in
      during the trip but we had plenty of dry clothes to accommodate.
      About 5 miles into the trip we passed a hog waste lagoon as
      evidenced olfactorily and by a big dike on river right. We also saw
      an effluent hose on river left around that point which wasn't being
      used right then. Other than that mile or so, the hog waste smell
      was not noticeable at this temperature. There were lots of holly,
      pine, and mistletoe, making for a fairly green winter paddle. The
      paddle finished up in Atkinson Millpond, which dates back to 1757
      and has a 10 ft dam with plenty of water going over it today.)
      Moving time was about 3 hours with a total time with an hour lunch
      stop of about 5 hours.

      Paddlers included our leader Charles West, Frank Dupin, Grant and
      Mary Florian, their dog Conan, Cleo Smith, Brigitte and Mike (sorry,
      I didn't get the last name), and myself. Some of us stopped at the
      White Swan on 301 in Smithfield for some BBQ afterwards.
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