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trip report- Town Creek (Brunswick Co) 6/29/02

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  • jimdepree
    Just when high tide comes inland was a major matter of concern on Saturday s trip. Being from Fayetteville where we don t have to deal with tides Jim and I
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      Just when high tide comes inland was a major matter of concern on
      Saturday's trip. Being from Fayetteville where we don't have to deal
      with tides Jim and I just figured that if high tide at Masonboro
      inlet was at 11:30 AM, it should be high about the same time on Town
      Creek. No such luck; the tide didn't turn around until about four
      o'clock where we were, and that turned out to be pretty close to the
      takeout. So we had an enjoyable 15.4 mile paddle by my GPS which
      covered about a 5 mile straight line distance mostly against the
      current (I'm told you can't say upstream in this context). Put in
      was at the wildlife access on Rice's Creek off 1521 which is marked
      on the map herein linked. We took out at 133, the north side of the
      bridge near the convenience store being somewhat less muddy with the
      tide mostly out. Shuttle was down a dirt road through mostly
      undeveloped forest, very scenic. We started out mostly in cypress
      swamp with occasional high ground and ended up in a salt marsh with
      fiddler crabs dotting the shore. We had four gator sightings. They
      were all roughly 6-8 feet long suggesting that the same gator was
      following us figuring he and 10 boats and the odds were that sooner
      or later someone would fall in. We also saw some turtles, fish,
      osprey, kingfishers, prothonatory warblers, and other birds.

      We found a good beach pullup river left about 3 miles into the trip
      for lunch. A little past the army rail road tracks we found an easy
      cut through on river left which saved us about a half-mile meander.
      Soon after that, some thunder storms approached and, with perfect
      timing, we found a fishing cabin with a big front porch which made
      for a nice, safe, dry place to watch natures fireworks, some of which
      struck within a couple hundred yards. As the river turned salt, we
      saw many side canals probably the remains of old rice plantations.
      Many dead cypress trees were noted by Charles West who blamed their
      state on increasing saltwater incursion in the area. This is partly
      an effect of interbasin transfer out of Jordan lake which is being
      sucked dry and dumped in the Neuse basin by Cary folks watering their
      lawns and washing their cars. We put in a little after 11 and took
      out about 5:30 with about 5 hours 10 minutes moving time per my GPS.

      Paddlers included Jim and Mia MacDermott (trip leaders), their two
      dogs, Mazie and Schmitt, Charles West and Becky Wagg, Asa Beamer,
      Mary Florian, Mary Martha Vaught, Rudolph Floyd, Carlton Royal,
      Charles Kernan, Robert Caudil, and myself.

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