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Big Sweep Trip Report 1 Oct 2011

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  • Don
    The weather could not have been nicer for the annual Big Sweep event today. Cool and sunny and even the river was up with a current. When I arrived at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2011
      The weather could not have been nicer for the annual Big Sweep event today. Cool and sunny and even the river was up with a current. When I arrived at the Turnpike Road landing on the Lumber River, section 1 in Ferguson's book, Omer Register, Mitch Lloyd, and Rudy Floyd were already there and picked up about five or six bags of trash. This landing is usually one of the trashiest however we found no dead deer carcass or any other dead animal as is the norm. Soon Marshall Thompson, Mickey Turlington, and his friend Steve Trumble arrived. We picked up more trash, 13 bags, then set out for the shuttle down to the Lumber River State Park, Chalk Banks Landing. This meant the river mileage was about 5.6 miles. Thanks to Rudy for the shuttle we were back at our boats and ready to hit the river. Mitch headed out after checking his chain saw as he wanted to get ahead in case of any downfall. Omer's kayak wanted to go down river without Omer as it got away, but Rudy rescued it and brought it back to him. Rudy, I and Marshall were the last to get in and as we were getting ready or actually underneath the bridge, someone in a pickup truck came down the road too fast, skidding and almost hit the bridge. This person got is truck out after squealing tires and was lucky he did not slide it in the river. Doubt we could have picked up this trash, a pickup truck from the river. Not that the truck was trash but sitting in the river would have been. We lost sight of Mitch, then Omer but did not hear the chain saw so that was a good sign. Pretty soon only me, Marshall and Rudy were bringing up the rear with no one else in sight. The three of us must have taken the wrong channel as we had a portage and the tree was small enough for Mitch to cut. We finally joined up with everyone as we heard Mitch's chain saw. We could have made it around but guess Mitch was disappointed of not having many trees to cut and wanted to get rid of the gas in the saw. We finally made it to Chalk Banks, having picked up another 5 or 6 bags of trash on the river. We did not get any tires and nothing unusual was picked up. After posing for a group shot, minus Omer as he was in a hurry to leave, we said our goodbyes with me taking Rudy back to the put in and Mickey taking Steve back to his car. Only wildlife seen was ducks and turtles. Out of the 17 or 18 bags or trash, most was beer cans and bottles, plastic cups, plastic bottles and paper. We found a power drill at the put in and left it by the bags. Thanks to everyone who helped out, all four club officers participated, no women, a man thing. Lumber River State Park Supt, Neil Lee, also passed along the praise to everyone for helping.I will put pictures in an album called Big Sweep 2011
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