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Extremely Important Club Business

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  • Don
    I listed this message as extremely important as this is for the DUES paying members of the Lumber River Canoe Club and not those who are just Yahoo members.
    Message 1 of 2 , May 28, 2010
      I listed this message as extremely important as this is for the DUES paying members of the Lumber River Canoe Club and not those who are just Yahoo members. You can be a member of the Yahoo Message Board without being a member of the Lumber River Canoe Club.

      If you have not paid dues in several years you need to please pay them. If you can't find the date in your check register when you last paid them and are not sure, send in $10, this is for family or individual. This is probably the cheapest dues of any club in this state. What do you get? Some people have asked this and I tell them, a club sticker when you first join, club picnic and club Christmas party where the club buys most of the food. We also send out a newsletter for those of you who request it as most of the stuff is put on the Yahoo message board. So the newsletter cost for paper, copy ink, postage and this price does not go down as most of you know. We also give a donation to the Nature Conservancy. We tried once to raise the dues but were later voted back to the $10. If you really want to know if your dues are due contact Marshall at canoeman32@... all it takes is a simple email. I have sent an email to Marshall that people, who have not paid within the last several years, drop them from the roster. I would rather have a few good dues paying members than just numbers for the sake of it.

      Another point I want to make is this club is going to die, unless more people get involved in operating the club. There have been very few people who have been officers and I know I am getting tired and know Marshall and Charlotte are tired of always holding and office. Jim McDermott volunteered and was club secretary for a year. Omer volunteered and was commandeered as VicePres (Only if I showed at every meeting). I will not accept an officer position at the next meeting. We have had one other Pres who resigned and the VP took over until the next election. We need more participation for the officers as Marshall and Charlotte will not be able to do this for another 20 years. I know because of the distance or work commitments some can't come to the meetings. I drive over 100 miles to make the meeting when we have it in Lumberton. We have tried to have it in Fayetteville and may try again, this brought out a few more people. We tried in Aberdeen, NC but only one other member from that area showed up, so won't have it there again. It is usually the same people, who volunteer to lead trips, just look back over the last few years of schedules and see who leads trips. We need leaders. We have a very active schedule and normally have a trip every weekend from Feb-Dec on a variety of rivers.

      One more thing and I will shut up. I do not like to paddle with people who get out and leave the rest of the club, get to the take out and leave before the rest of the paddlers are even halfway through. If you are paddling to race or outdistance everyone, then get another club. If the reason you come to paddle is just to have a shuttle for your own convenience and not paddle with the club then shuttle yourself. We try to stay together for safety and some members are up there in age and may need assistance. Heck some are young and need assistance, and if you go out on your own you are not part of the club. That is why we call it a club paddle.

      So if you are the ones that this message applies get off your rears and participate in the club totally; dues paying, trip leaders; and officers. If I have offended anyone, sorry about that as you know who you are. Maybe with this message you will impeach me, it would be a blessing.
    • Robert Cates
      I don t know if anyone has responded to Don personally but I thought I would throw in my 2 cents.  (My over due $10 is on its way as well.)        The
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 4, 2010
        I don't know if anyone has responded to Don personally but I thought I would throw in my 2 cents.  (My over due $10 is on its way as well.) 
           The LRCC group site shows 568 members.  I don't know how many are dues paying members but the number of regular trip participants seems to hover around a couple of dozen people.  The number of members taking turns holding office is consistently the same 4 or 5 people.  I imagine most people came to the Yahoo group site the same as I did, looking for information on the Lumber River and other local paddling places.  And it is a wonderful resource in that respect. (Many thanks to all those who have answered my endless questions over the years.)
             My wife and I have
        paddled with the club on a
        few trips and enjoyed them and the people.  But as much as we love rivers and like people, we find we are somewhat selfish with our river time.  Paddling with 2 or 3 other boats is fine, but a river trip with 8 to 12 boats and a throng of paddlers is just not our thing.  And you can never be sure how many are going to show up on any given trip.  And though we have witnessed the folks who took off paddling before all cars were unloaded and were taking out before the last boats were in the water, we also felt that if you were going to paddle with the club, then you should paddle with the club. 
        So, although we do not get out with the club very often we see the club as a great resource, an asset to the Lumber River State Park, a great educational tool for exposing others to the river and as an advocate for the river.  For this reason we continue to send in our dues to help support the work of the club, and its support
        of the Nature Conservancy.  I mean geez, its only 10 bucks.  Its worth more than that just to read the trip reports.  And I know that I'll will read that one day while clearing some downfall Mitch cut into a hollow tree full of coppermouthed water rattlers, or that on a recent camping trip Don packed a cooler full of sushi, hummus and tabouli and fired up the charcoal for some Korean grilled tofu.  Then I will gladly double my yearly dues.
              As for the issues Don raises about the club,  maybe there needs to be some rethinking of the goals of the club or how it operates.  Organized weekly trips has always seemed overly ambitious to me (but that may be due to the fact I am not yet retired and live west of the Triangle).   Maybe fewer planned trips, and then if people get an urge to paddle in-between and want to invite others along it can be a more casual sort of club thing.   Just a thought.  And out of 50 some Saturdays in a year I am thinking I can probably find one on which to lead a trip,  though if I do it will most likely be a river cleaning trip. 
             Since I have said more than most cared to read I will end by thanking Don for putting his cards on the table and also thanking those who do spend their time and energy keeping the club going.

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