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Hanging Rock/Dan River Trip Report

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  • Don
    This trip report is a little different as I am going to list the names first while I can remember. The following people camped and or paddled on various days
    Message 1 of 4 , May 8, 2007
      This trip report is a little different as I am going to list the names
      first while I can remember. The following people camped and or
      paddled on various days from 2 May to 6 May: Wayne & Lynda Charles,
      Myron & Dorcas Whitley, Bob & Francis Roberson, Channing Stone, Jim &
      Mia McDermott, Jim DePree, Omer & Dorothy Ann Register, their daughter
      Joanne, and two grandchildren and friends and kids of their
      daughter, and John & Sue Shell, Dick Wilcox, Mike & Liz Britt, Diane &
      Zack Isom, Carol Ann Mitchell, Marianne Hartman and friend Kristin,
      Don & Sandy Meece, Denny & Bev Meece. A good turn out despite the
      Those that came on Wednesday and Thursday morning were able to do a
      paddle trip from Hanging Rock Access on Flinchum Rd down to Danbury at
      the park, a short 4.7-mile paddle. The weather was overcast but the
      rain held off. Paddlers saw geese, heron and a snake braving the
      chilly water. On Friday, the weather was overcast and steady
      sprinkles of rain most of the day. The trip this day was from NC 704
      Bridge down to the Hanging Rock Access, 12.8 miles. At lunch, a fire
      was built to take the chill off and to dry several paddlers who
      involuntarily decided to swim. It was a long, wet, and cold day, but
      good to be on the river anyway. Wildlife this day included turkeys
      and heron. The trip on Saturday was from Moore's Springs Campground
      down to Danbury, about 9 miles. I did not lead this trip and was told
      that because it did not rain, I would not be allowed to lead any more
      Nights were spent telling tales around the campfire and sharing of
      snacks that campers had brought. Another nice Hanging Rock Trip, and
      I am looking forward to the Fall trip hoping the weather will be more
      cooperative, and despite what I was told, I WILL lead more trips. I
      will post some pictures in an album entitled Hanging Rock May 07.
    • Don
      A big turnout at Hanging Rock Camping trip and paddling the Dan River last weekend. Participants were Wayne & Lynda Charles, Myron & Dorcas Whitley, Liz &
      Message 2 of 4 , May 22, 2010
        A big turnout at Hanging Rock Camping trip and paddling the Dan River last weekend. Participants were Wayne & Lynda Charles, Myron & Dorcas Whitley, Liz & Mike Britt, John & Sue Shell, Tom & Diane Pangborn & son Zack Isom, Chuck Miller, Marianne Hartman, Dennis Johnson, Frank Pineiro, Louise Miller, John Prather, Wayne Fisher, April Tracey-Dickinson, Nancy Ausley, Rudolph Floyd, Bob Robertson, Hope (LNU), Moses (LNU), Greg Massy (day paddler) and this writer Don & Sandy Meece.

        We got up at the rock on Wednesday and found Wayne & Lynda already set up in their camper. Bob Robertson showed up camping in his van, then the rest of the people who came in on Wednesday set up. Some people came in to camp on Thursday, and some on Friday.

        Thursday's paddle trip on the Dan was from Hanging Rock park access down to Moratock Park at Danbury, NC. The water was higher than we normally have and the trip was short and nice. We finally got Bob Robertson out on his canoe vice a kayak, and he enjoyed it. Dennis, Louise, and Frank opted for the longer trip from HR access down to the Hemlock Golf Course access. We saw plenty of geese, a heron, and a hawk and a snake with a small catfish in his mouth on a rock. Zack was glad that someone caught a fish as he drowned so many artificial baits.

        Friday's paddle trip was from Hwy 704 access down to HR access about 13 miles. This was also a good trip with plenty of water and good weather. Saw geese, heron, a hawk and other bird life. Friday night the rains came in late and quit early before sunrise, good sleeping weather.

        Saturday the rest of the group paddle from Moratock down to Hemlock. Sandy and I opted out and decided to visit antique stores in Walnut Cove.

        Saturday night was the big community meal consisting of beef stew. Thanks to everyone who contributed to the pot and also those that brought desserts. It was great and we had about 25 people in attendance. After the meal we sat around the fire and told tall tales and jokes. That night the rains came in again late and quite before sunrise.

        Sunday's paddle trip was from Jessup's Mill down to Hwy 704. Once again Sandy and I woosed out and watched other people pack up and leave. That night Wayne& Lynda, Myron & Dorcas, Louise, and Sandy and I were the only ones in the campsite and ate left over stew. We did not get a chance to sit around the fire as rain came in around 9 pm. It rained all night Sunday and we awoke to rain on Monday. We packed up in the rain, got soaked, and did not eat breakfast until we left and got to Sanford almost three hours later.

        A good camping trip, good paddle with lots of friends and good food
      • domeece
        The weather cooperated 100% this past week at Hanging Rock State Park, however the stink bugs were also out in force. If you don’t know what a stink bug is
        Message 3 of 4 , Oct 7, 2013

          The weather cooperated 100% this past week at Hanging Rock State Park, however the stink bugs were also out in force.  If you don’t know what a stink bug is here is a good site:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brown_marmorated_stink_bug   I will have them in the cracks and crevices of my camper for another year.  We found this out when we arrived at Hanging Rock State Park, near Danbury, NC on Wednesday, Oct 2 as the first campers we saw were Diane and Tom Pangborn, spraying their camper for the pest.  As we drove around the loop to our campsite, we past Wayne and Lynda Charles, Peggy Caddis and Myron and Dorcas.  I am not sure the days the other campers arrived but campers included: Bill Walseck and his friend from Maryland, Omer Register, Louise Miller, Waylon Webbon,  Chuck Miller, Betty Fisher, John and Sue Shell, Mike and Liz Britt, and Stephen Caddis. Later on in the week, we were joined by John & Sue’s daughter, Loree or Laurie, and granddaughter Megan, Chrissy and John Bjorklund, Dan and Zoey, Steve Culver and Carol Baldwin and Chuck’s friend, Dorothy.  So as you can see we had a large crowd.


          Thursday, Wayne led a trip on Section 3 on the Dan from Jessups Mill down to Hwy 704.  One person was Baptized and the river was low and bumpy.  No other report was available from paddlers on this day.


          Friday, more paddlers hit the river this time from Moratock Park at Danbury down to Hemlock Golf Course.  No report was available on this trip.


          On Saturday, the largest crowd hit the river from the Park access off Flinchum Rd, down to Moratock Park.  We had 18 boats, a plethora of canoes and kayaks with 2 paddlers.  Thanks to Tom and Bill’s friend for the shuttle. Water level was low but we made it and don’t know anyone who had to get out and pull a long distance.  We stopped at our usual lunch spot at an island just past Seven Island Rd, a nice gravel bar that accommodated everyone.  We made the trip fairly fast and several decided to go to Purddy’s Store for the blue grass group that was playing that afternoon.  Saturday night was the community meal hosted by Don and Sandy and the total attendance was 28.  I won’t even begin to tell you the variety of food that was brought, but anyone that went away hungry was their own fault.  Thanks to everyone for all the food that was prepared and served.


          Sunday, Wayne led another trip from Hwy 704 access down to the Hanging Rock access at Flinchum Rd.  Only seven people paddled as the rest were packing to leave.  While sitting in our campsite Sunday afternoon, a deer visited us and wandered to some other empty campsites.  Sunday night, only the dumb but tough stayed with the threat of rain coming in, and the DBT crew were;  the Meece’s, Wayne & Lynda and Myron and Dorcas.  The rains came in around 1 am Monday morning and lasted all morning long to include during our packing up and all the way home.  One more stop on the way home and that was a visit to the Road Runner Café in Broadway, NC for some homemade hamburgers.  Unpacking we found some stink bugs still in our gear in the back of the truck and probably will continue to find them off and on the next year in the cracks and crevices of the camper.  Glad these bugs don’t bite.  Another great event with good participation and even was able to collect some LRCC dues.  Next trip will be next May, 2014.  I will post some pictures on the site. 

        • domeece
          A good week and weekend at Hanging Rock State Park, near Danbury, NC with paddling on the Dan River from Oct 1-6.. The rains even held off until late Friday
          Message 4 of 4 , Oct 9, 2014

            A good week and weekend at Hanging Rock State Park, near Danbury, NC with paddling on the Dan River from Oct 1-6..  The rains even held off until late Friday afternoon and part of Friday night but the rest of the time was dry but really cooler on Saturday night dipping down to about 39 degrees.  Attendees this year were Tom & Christine Goodwin, Omer Register with his daughter Joanne, Mike & Liz Britt, John Shell,  Betty Fisher, Peggy Caddis, Stephen Caddis, Bill Walsek, Wayne & Lynda Charles, Chuck Miller, Dorothy Masone, Myron & Dorcas Whitley, John & Chrissy Bjorklund, and Don & Sandy Meece.


            On Thursday the paddle trip was putting in on Big Creek about one tenth of mile up the Dan River near the Hwy 89 Bridge.  The take out was at Hanging Rock State Park Access about 6 miles.  The water was low at 1.45 ft at the Francisco gauge which was low and below Ferguson’s recommended minimum of 1.7.  We really had to pick and choose our way but was a fun run.  A couple of herons were seen on this trip.  Thanks to Bill Walsek for the shuttle. That night Omer brought a trailer full of firewood to be used at the community camp fire and meal on Saturday.


            Friday several people paddled from Hanging Rock Access down to the Park at Danbury and had a good time.  Omer, Joanne, Tom & Christine left after the paddle as they were staying in the cabins and had to be out on Friday.  Friday afternoon the rains came but not as hard as predicted and it rained off and on that night.


            Saturday the paddle was the same as Friday also for those who missed Friday’s paddle on this section.  A good run, no problems and a great leisurely lunch on a gravel bar.  Not sure of the water level but came up just a little from the previous night’s rain and was muddier.  Thanks to John B. and Stephen for the shuttle.  After the paddle several of went back to the Green Heron Bar at the Dan River Outfitters where they had so many craft beers and would even give you a little sample if you weren’t sure.  I was talking to a man who was from the area and came back for a Francisco High School reunion from his class of 1961  He said the correct way to pronounce Francisco was Francis-co and not Fran-cis-co.  He said the town was founded by the Francis family and was originally called Francis Cove and just shortened.  So if you are there and don’t want to appear like an outsider pronounce it Francis-co.  Saturday night was the big meal and bonfire at the Meece’s camp and there was a lot of good food and fellowship.  Since Wayne’s birthday was not until Thursday, Oct 9 Mike, Liz and John S bought him a cake and we sang happy birthday to him and let him eat first.


            Sunday most people packed up to go but we stayed and I ran shuttle for Myron, Dorcas, Wayne, Lynda, and Bill.  They paddled from the park at Danbury down to Hemlock golf course and had a good time.  That night we all brought left overs to Mike and Liz’s camp, and Chuck, and Bill were there.


            A great time with great friends.  The next Hanging Rock Trip will be next year Apr 29- May 4.

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