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Suggs Mill Pond / Horse Shoe Lake 5/7/05

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  • Jim DePree
    Horse Shoe Lake may be easy to spot as such from the air ( http://www.nature.org/wherewework/northamerica/states/northcarolina/ preserves/art5607.html
    Message 1 of 1 , May 12, 2005
      Horse Shoe Lake may be easy to spot as such from the air
      preserves/art5607.html<), but when driving there, it is best to
      remember it's other name, Sugg's Mill Pond which is what the state
      division of wildlife chooses to label it in all its signs.

      Fifteen paddlers and two dogs met at the dam which maintains the
      water level in this Carolina bay lake on this bright and sunny
      Saturday morning at about 10. No shuttle being necessary, we loaded
      up our boats and got to paddling right away heading first to the NE
      arm of the lake. We saw occasional patches of pitcher plants early
      on, but the real treat came after we found our way through a raft of
      weeds that blocks the upper arm of this branch. Once through there,
      the shorelines were almost completely covered with the carnivorous
      blossoms. Just beyond a duck blind on the right side of this
      section, some of our party found an Eden like (to hear them tell it)
      lunch spot up a canal that wasn't on the map, leaving the rest of us
      scratching our heads, looking around, and finally heading out to
      another canal in the lower end of the lake. Other than the four
      canals along the NE shore of the lake and a few duck blinds, I am not
      aware of any high ground After lunch, the wind picked up causing a
      slight chop on the lake and more of a challenge getting back. Some
      of us chose to go on and explore the SW arm which is very different
      in character being less open, mostly a cypress swamp but with open
      spots dominated by some seaweed like sub aquatic growth which becomes
      denser the further you go up that arm clinging to your paddle and
      making for an exceptional upper body workout. There is a more-or-
      less marked channel through the cypresses into this arm but
      alternative routes are available if you care to make the effort.

      Paddlers this trip included Jim and Mia McDermott and their dogs
      Mazie and Schmidt, Pam Kline, Craig Smith, Jim DePree, Frank and
      Katie Dupin, Mary Martha Vaught, Lynn Ward, Carlton and Linda Royal
      and Linda's sister Lisa Gary, Tom Goodwin, Omer Register, and trip
      leader, Charles West.
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