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721Club F;oat Aug. 31 On Lumber River

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  • canoeman32
    Sep 1, 2002
      On Saturday Jim Deprey, Frank Dupin, Grant Florian, and Marshall
      Thompson , the trip leader, paddled from McMillans Beach to High Hill.
      Water level at the Lumberton gage was a little over seven feet and in
      a slow fall.This level was sufficient for easy paddling all the way
      to High Hill.Weather was cloudy with light drizzle. Recent rains had
      greened up the banks and overhanging trees making this a very scenic
      trip,except for the trash that is. Perhaps we should clean up this
      section for big sweep.
      We took two breaks. Got Grant to tell of his adventures in Nepal.
      Talked about the Kenedys, Clintons, George W and world problems.
      I gave Frank a quick "lesson" on how to play the harmonica LOL.
      When we got to take out, Frank , who was on his first float since his
      injury, was not ready to quit. We continued on downstream for a ways
      before paddling back up to the takeout.