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1055Lumber River trip report

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  • grant28358
    Sep 3, 2003
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      Last weekend the Lumber River Canoe Club did a trip from Fair Bluff,
      NC down to Rice Field Cove, in South Carolina, which is near Nichols.
      Some paddlers did an overnighter, and some did the paddle as a
      daytrip. The distance was about 16 miles for the campers and Jim
      Dupree, who went from Fair Bluff to Rice Field Cove as a daytrip.
      Paddlers were Jim and Mia McDermott, dogs Schmidt and Mazie, Mary
      Martha Vaught, Jim Dupree, Don Meece, Charles West, Marshall
      Thompson, Mary Florian, Tom Florian, Conan(dog), and myself, Grant
      Florian. Jim Dupree, Mary, Tom, Charles, Don, and me paddled from
      Fair Bluff. The others started at Griffin's Landing, further south,
      and paddled to Rice Field Cove as a daytrip. We all met up at
      lunchtime and ate together. At Watermelon Bluff the overnighters
      stayed behind and camped on the riverbank. The water was a bit too
      high for sand bars, which are good to camp on on this section of
      river when it is a bit lower. At Watermelon Bluff we talked with some
      fisherman and later some hunters who were setting up a deer stand.
      From the hunters we heard stories about 20 ft alligators in the
      Little Peedee and other amazing things. They were all nice, and we
      didn't have any problems even though the campsite connected to a
      road. Later on Charles taught us how to make noises with blades of
      grass and our hands. The next day we all paddled to Rice Field Cove
      to finish the trip. Wildlife seen were herons, anhingas, horseflies,
      hornets, and wasp. The sky stayed clear and we only had to deal with
      a few motorboats. Overall it was a pretty good trip.