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A possible LUF opportunity

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  • Eric Hunting
    As I ve mentioned in these forums in the past, I have been working recently with the Jeriko House company which has been bringing the technology of T-slot
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 4, 2007
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      As I've mentioned in these forums in the past, I have been working
      recently with the Jeriko House company which has been bringing the
      technology of T-slot framed pre-fab housing to the US and I am
      anticipating that this may eventually lead to my obtaining a workshop
      for my own research and design work with this. This is significant
      because, as those who have been following the TMP2 project know, I've
      anticipated much use of this technology for TMP-related projects. I've
      proposed its use as the basis of the Utilihab system described as one
      of the projects in the Open Source Everything project. As the basis of
      architecture for Post-Industrial demonstration communities, Aquarius
      Seed settlement development, and for-profit resorts based on the same
      general design. As the basis of industrial buildings used by various
      TMP projects. As an interior retrofit and finishing system for full-
      scale marine settlements. And as a starting point for the development
      of modular building systems used in space and a tool for building mock-
      ups of habitats and spacecraft. I'm not at liberty to discuss
      everything that has been going on with Jeriko House of late, but there
      is a potential opportunity here for the LUF to help finance its
      activities by participating in what may soon prove to be an explosive
      pace of development for this building system. The company is looking
      to cultivate a very large and diverse catalog of modular components
      integrating with the system, offering much entrepreneurial potential
      for those who can invent ways to add value to this with novel
      component, fixture, and appliance designs as well as novel uses for
      the system. I am myself planning to eventually develop a sourcebook
      for the system akin to the legendary Box Beam Sourcebook that will
      showcase different uses for the system. If there are still those with
      a more inventive streak left in the LUF, here is an opportunity to
      possibly make money for the LUF by starting new small businesses to
      make novel components or by copyrighting designs to license to Jeriko
      House for its manufacturers to mass produce, the royalties going to an
      LUF fund. The more participation there is in such activity, the more
      open this company may be to assisting in TMP-related projects. I've
      already told the company's founder of my interest in using this
      technology for house boat and floating eco-village development and
      he's impressed with the idea, though it's ancillary to what they are
      pursuing at the moment. If there are any members interested in this
      notion. I can try to provide some more information.

      Also, I've gotten a positive response from A. Scott Howe and from his
      brother Chris Howe who is also a very talented illustrator with
      industrial design experience. Scott Howe is apparently working with
      JPL now and so was too busy to assist directly in design work but was
      interested in a dialogue on the project and invited me to join the
      Space Architects group. (I wish I could have gone to their conference
      last month, but I'm lucky I can get into town once or twice a week...)
      His brother did have the time to spare to work on illustrations and is
      an equally talented illustrator. As a professional designer, his aid
      is going to be expensive ($400 a day) but because I have such a clear
      impression of what the artifacts of TMP look like and how they work
      this should make things go quicker so I'm going to try some initial
      images and see how it goes. I intend to focus on the more iconic
      elements of TMP2 first and will go for the refined design sketches,
      leaving full color renderings to later. That way I might be able to
      afford more individual things -maybe one or two things per month,
      since I've been getting a little disposable income from the book
      business. If anyone in the group would like to aid in paying for this
      let me know. You can see examples of both men's work at these addresses;

      Scott Howe's site;


      Chris Howe's site;


      Eric Hunting

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