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Re: Assembling old files re-invigorating the website.

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  • RanulfC@aol.com
    A note from Jeremy and how his projects are going and the archiving of the LUF/TMP/FMF information: Ross said he had a little over a gig of archived
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1 12:00 AM
      A note from Jeremy and how his projects are going and the archiving of the
      LUF/TMP/FMF information:

      Ross said he had a little over a gig of archived
      material...I just upgraded to a virtual server account
      with godaddy 10GB space 500GB bandwidth upgradeable
      as needed...so there are no longer any excuses for
      website hosting.

      Ross has FTP access but hasnt yet uploaded the fmf/luf
      info...Ive been working Mike and Gaurav pretty hard on
      the IT side of things the last couple of weeks trying
      to get things set up for debut... Ive got
      garagelabs.com for various ideas that may turn into
      businesses and vykos.com for Mike to play with as far
      as luf/fmf goes...the information will later be
      shifted if I ever get FTP acess to any of the luf.org
      or related domain names.

      ...vykosmedia.com at them moment is up.. but on the
      back burner as the land company will turn a profit

      eventually vykos.com will turn into the main company
      website for actual projects that have turned into

      the SEC thing I mentioned is for the NH land project
      and parcel information services (vykos realestate LLC)

      Im doing a form D 505 exclusion with a cap of 5
      million in a private placement offering... the
      majority of my investors are not accredited and while
      its perfectly legit the secretary of state bureaucracy
      isnt used to seeing it done this way so their stalling
      on it...there are about 1800 people following this
      project and about 50 investors at +10K each

      Im taking the semester off from PhD land to push the
      paper work through in person ;) currently moving my
      self back to New England and getting rid of my place
      in PA.

      garagelabs.com atm:
      ...Ive scanned in the TMP images, put up a group
      timeline and summarized in detail chapters 8 and
      1...working on bifrost, and maybe, asgard but after
      that its time to tear apart Marshalls book for why it
      didnt work in real life...and hopefully offer
      amendments/fixes...hopefully turning into a new book
      and advertising vehicle for a public offering.

      the member skills form and the geocoder bit map I
      mentioned last winter will be up and fully functional
      as soon as Gaurav gets back on line (dengue fever is
      bad stuff glad he's on the mend) but I believe it just
      needs some bugs worked out and then it will be ready
      for general use...it will be offered as a free use to
      all the enviromental/space/survivalist/selfsuffcieny
      etc internet groups so they can see where their own
      members as well as others of like mind are
      geographically located near...and hopefully get
      together for face to face projects and meetings.

      if your curious vykos is a (mythical/real) mountain in
      greece that anchored the skybridge of Atlantis...after
      atlantis sank into the sea only the sheer face of mt
      vykos was left...if one was to rebuild a culture based
      on truth justice and individual sovreignty and to once
      again raise a bridge to the stars you'd anchor it to
      that remaing rock... youd start building a better
      world with vykos.


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