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Re: Starting Aquarius

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  • Eric Hunting
    ... Exactly. If there is one key message every reader of TMP should have gotten it s this; colonizing space is not about making rockets, it s about cultivating
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      > Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 15:27:01 -0700
      > From: "Frederick D. S. Marshall" <toad@...>
      > Subject: Re: Re: Starting Aquarius
      > Dear Eric,
      > Part of what I like about these approaches is they comply with the
      > recipe for more likely organizational success--never gamble, and always
      > seek low-cost solutions. Organizations that depend on large cash flows
      > are vulnerable to the ebbs and flows that hit every organization, since
      > one then builds an organization assuming acertain cashflow will be
      > present, and then suffers organizational chaos when it is not.
      > Likewise, organizations flush with money often then gamble that money
      > away on ventures they cannot actually pull off. We tend to
      > underestimate how little we understand the nuts and bolts of any
      > project, which is why small projects succeed more often. Thus a recipe
      > for LUF--plan for and develop a cash-light organization, and embark on
      > small, almost trivial projects, each of which advances you a baby step
      > toward your goals. This is not as exciting, does not appeal to our urge
      > for heroics or our drives for fame and fortune, but this is how to
      > succeed over the long haul. You have given us here several case studies
      > LUF should investigate. Thank you.
      > Yours truly,
      > Rick Marshall

      Exactly. If there is one key message every reader of TMP should have gotten
      it's this; colonizing space is not about making rockets, it's about
      cultivating an infrastructure that can make things like rockets. This is, in
      my opinion, the one thing almost everyone in space advocacy today is
      overlooking, probably because it's not as sexy a subject as imaginary
      spacecraft and 'heroic' missions and it calls for planning on a longer term
      than most people in our instant gratification obsessed society are used to.
      You don't build Big Things -especially New Big Things- by just fantasizing
      about their design. You have to create networks of self-sustaining
      facilities to do it.

      Eric Hunting

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