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  • joseph_sapp
    No, no attachments. A couple of links which I don t normally do, but no attachments. I ve always entered the group and posted rather than using email. There
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 1, 2003
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      No, no attachments. A couple of links which I don't normally do, but
      no attachments. I've always entered the group and posted rather than
      using email. There isn't a way for me to cc anyone, much less bcc.

      Anyway here's what I tried to post before. Along with the return info.

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      Hey all,

      I was looking through the space-tech group on google (Harvesting Mars)
      and learned that at high pressures and temperatures, CO2 is said to
      be "supercritical" (considered to be a fourth state of matter... I
      thought that was plasma... guess there are 5 states...) A
      supercritical gas has properties of both the gas state and liquid
      state and becomes an excellant solvent. This message thread says it
      can be used at mars to pull water out of rocks. (I think the carbon
      reacts with the rock and the free oxygen atoms then react with
      hydrogen in the rocks.) I looked up how it is used here on earth and
      found some interesting applications.


      When SCCO2 reacts with cement, it creates a denser kind of cement
      with twice the strength of cement. Carbon content, if mememory
      serves, was increased by about 50%. This pdf shows it being used to
      put the waste-products of a coal power plant to use.

      I read at


      how the oceans naturally use CO2 to precipitate limestone. One of
      these days I'll have to try and see if sea-water dissolved in SCCO2
      would form limestone. If it does, we could use this when we get
      around to Aquarius and create SCCO2 hardened concrete from the oceans.

      If mememory serves, the supercritical point for CO2 is 70 bar and 30
      deg cel. I'd have to double check that when I get around to
      experimenting with it.


      --- In luf-team@yahoogroups.com, "Richard Crews" <rlcrews@y...> wrote:
      > Hi, Joe--
      > I think you tried to send an attachment to the list. But maybe not-
      -maybe it's just the "bcc" thing (see below). But the luf-team list
      is also moderated, which means you can't post to it unless it knows
      you or a moderator approves your communication.
      > Basically you have run into four problems. One is general apathy--
      the difficulty of our getting around to doing anything. The second
      is that a good healthy paranoia prevents us (like, me, for example)
      from opening an attachment from someone I don't know. The third is
      that Yahoo-groups won't pass attachments through its lists. And the
      fourth is that not knowing what your attachment is about, why would
      anyone (say me, for instance) bother with it?
      > Sooo--strip the attachment down to its bare essentials and PASTE
      them into the body of the email--no attachment, just a brief
      paragraph (or two) explaining what the attachment (and the
      communication in general) is good for. In other words, why luf-team
      (or anyone) should bother with it. You can send this to me
      personally, or you can send it to luf-team and it will go to the
      moderators (like me) to review.
      > Also, please let me know personally if I can help you in any way.
      > Richard Crews
      > rlcrews@y...
      > P.S. "Bcc's" are blind copies--that is, sending a copy of an email
      to someone but hiding the name of the recipient so others who get the
      email won't know the bcc'd person got it. Get it?
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