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SEE-1 -- 7/1/2

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    My Life, My World SEE-1 report for Monday, July 1, 2002 Another Monday. Rainy again. Another month -- my 781st -- but a special one, in a way. In a few days
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      My Life, My World

      SEE-1 report for Monday, July 1, 2002

      Another Monday.  Rainy again.  Another month -- my 781st -- but a special one, in a way.  In a few days I will have my 65th birthday and begin my 66th year on the planet,  Which also means -- our glorious socialized systems being what they are -- that today I became eligible for Medicare.  As of a few hours ago, and for the rest of my life (if political and public biases continue to be willing), the U.S. Government has a commitment to spend thousands and thousands of dollars -- should the need (or whim) arise on my part -- to correct, protect, and further my health.  I have not had any health insurance for several years.  And being intrinsically an arrogant and also miserly individual (as well as an MD -- you know the old saying, "A doctor who treats himself has a fool for a doctor and a fool for a patient"), I’ve not had a medical evaluation for several years.  I have my first appointment to see a doctor (merely for a routine exam, I assure you) in a couple of weeks.  I have a catalog of symptoms to discuss with him (symptoms that started just after midnight last night -- I have no "preexisting conditions").

      There are other thoughts and realizations that course through my mind on this day, this special day, this landmark of days.  And since I have chosen to document my life passage in these reports (and you have chosen to peek over my shoulder by reading them), I will try to share some of those thoughts and realizations with you.

      A break -- there is a pair of cardinals pecking grain on the deck outside the window a few feet from where I sit.  They are beautiful, shy birds -- the male flagrant red, the female olive colored, but tinged with red to match her mate.  I have seen them flitting around the yard from time to time.  They are excellent bug catchers.  (As far as I know they have not been implicated in the current pedophilia scandals of their namesake‘s church.)

      Back to the main theme -- As I think back, I realize I have been privileged to live several different lives.  The first couple of decades I was a bitterly angry, emotionally isolated child and adolescent.  My main mode of self-expression and success was to be savagely competitive intellectually.  This carried me through high school, college, medical school, and several years of post-doctoral training in psychiatry.  And into the Army -- I was caught up in the draft in 1964.  Mercifully (for myself and for those around me) in the ‘60s and ‘70s I stumbled into what I call "the enlightenment smorgasbord" of the San Francisco Bay Area -- est, Living Love, Esalon Institute, Lifespring, sensitivity training and encounter groups, Actualizations, Parent Effectiveness Training, Transendental Meditation, the Sedona Method, Scientology (clearing), and others -- I "took" them all -- I highly recommend any you can lay your hands on.

      In 1978 I embarked on another career adventure -- I co-founded Columbia Pacific University and then served as president for 22 years.  Along the way I had several other embryonic career adventures -- and quite a varied lot they were (from practicing homeopathy and speculating in commodity options and oil leases to pimping and drug dealing).

      Two years ago I "retired," moved from San Francisco to Bastrop, Texas, and took up the mantle of "first SEE-1 colonist" for the Living Universe Foundation.  And that is where you find me -- another new start, another new life.  Perhaps this will be the last -- perhaps not.  Who knows?

      Richard Crews

      [Note -- Richard Crews has been a colonist in residence at the LUF's first Space-Environments Ecovillage (SEE-1) in Bastrop, Texas since February 2001, and files reports every few days on the progress there.] filler - filler - filler - filler - filler - filler - fil

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