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CONVERGING in Indiana August 1-2-3

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  • Terry Kok
    ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE CONVERGENCE - (ALC) - please share widely Midsummer New Moon weekend - Friday thru Sunday, August 1-2-3, 2008 CE higher consciousness -
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2008
      ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE CONVERGENCE - (ALC) - please share widely
      Midsummer New Moon weekend - Friday thru Sunday, August 1-2-3, 2008 CE
      higher consciousness - adult sensuality - practical sustainability

      Send an "need ALC info" email to j.dragonrider@... for complete
      ALC info !!!

      gathering of alternative lifestyle groups, circles, organizations, and
      tribes - including the bohemian, libertine, heathen, poly, sacred
      sexuality, tantric, transgender, rainbow, erotic, fetish, kink,
      leather, swing, nudist, naturalist, magical, and Earth tribe
      communities. We are converging on a 70 acre private rural
      sanctuary/farm in SE Indiana within a 1.5 hour drive of Cincinnati,
      Indianapolis, and Louisville. ALC will deliver 3 Midsummer days of
      informative workshops, displays, demonstrations, and discussion
      circles - plus 2 dark moon nights of outdoor camping, tribal drumming
      & fire dancing, plus indoor & in-tent play parties. This is, in main,
      an outdoor all-weather (be prepared) camping style event although
      there is a very nice and clean pole barn for workshops and evening
      activities. There is also an indoor multi-room play space and
      monitored dungeon open at midnight during the Convergence.

      FOCUS: making new friends & connections, networking & webworking,
      cross-fertilizing, sharing tips & tidbits, teaching tricks of the
      trade, building bridges of honor, trust, and love - with a healthy
      dose of primal lust for life! Leave your competitive nature at home.
      Relax and simply be. Cooperation is the key. At ALC everyone is a
      star. Let it shine from the heart. These times are rough. We come
      together to reconnect, recharge, and regenerate …

      NO ONE UNDER 21 WILL BE ADMITTED. This is an "adults only" event.
      Skyclad (nudity) is welcome in the campground. All participants must
      be pre-registered & pre-paid for ALC. No at-the-gate payment/admission
      and no single day passes. For security and safety reasons the map to
      the exact location will arrive via mail 2 weeks before the
      Convergence. Your confirmation of registration letter will be sent
      immediately upon receiving and processing your pre-registration. Make
      sure you pre-register before the July 18th cut-off date! Get your
      registration in the mail or register online via PayPal:
      Online ALC registration info: http://faeriehillfarm.com/EVENTS.html
      ALC schedule/workshops/presenters: http://faeriehillfarm.com/SCHEDULE.html

      Sponsors: House of Phoenix, Ancient Exchanges Of Nature (AEON), and
      the Sustainable Lifestyles group

      SPECIAL NOTES: ALC will be an amazing event, a true convergence of
      alternative lifestyle paths and people, a coming together of community
      and consciousness. We have people registered from California, Texas,
      Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Illinois, Ohio,
      Missouri, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kentucky, and Indiana - and the list is
      sure to grow. If you have already registered - THANK YOU! We've also
      had quite a few folks wonder if we allow vending. We DO and it costs
      nothing beyond basic registration fees. If you are interested in
      car/vehicle pooling/sharing for ALC, join our networking group and
      post your wants & needs:
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