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Sparks and Shadows, Doctor Who and more ....

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  • Lucy Snyder
    Hi everybody, Horror World is running my short story Wake Up Naked Monkey You re Going To Die as their fiction feature this month:
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 12, 2007
      Hi everybody,

      Horror World is running my short story "Wake Up Naked Monkey You're Going To
      Die" as their fiction feature this month:


      My softcover story collection SPARKS AND SHADOWS is coming out in late April or
      early May.

      Nalo Hopkinson wrote the introduction, and each copy is signed by her (and
      myself, of course). It's 356 pages long and contains 17 stories, 7 poems, and 4
      humor essays. It's got something for everybody: science fiction, fantasy,
      horror, paranormal romance, even mainstream fiction.

      Here's what people have said about it:

      "Lucy Snyder's writings are a sampler of fine candies: alternately dark,
      textured, and deliciously erotic."
      � Matthew Warner, author of Eyes Everywhere

      "Lucy Snyder's Sparks and Shadows is everything you could want in a short story
      collection. Elegant, beautiful prose, deep emotional writing and powerful
      stories. Do yourself a favor and grab this one!"
      � James A. Moore, author of Serenity Falls

      If you'd like to reserve a copy, just send a brief email to Nanci Kalanta at:


      If you'd like to see the cover and get more information, please visit:


      In other news, Raven Electrick will be publishing my sonnet "Uncanny Valley
      Girl" next November, and my poem "Crete, Kentucky: Passie Fay's Lament" will
      appear in the final issue of Full Unit Hookup this summer.

      Doctor Who fans can order Short Trips: Destination Prague from the Big Finish
      website; Gary Braunbeck and I coauthored a story for that anthology:


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