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91My new book: Orchid Carousals

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  • lucynews-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Aug 21, 2013
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      Hi everyone,

      I have a new collection entitled Orchid Carousals; right now the Kindle version is available, but other ebook formats and a trade paperback edition will be available soon.


      Fans of my urban fantasy series (Spellbent, Shotgun Sorceress, and Switchblade Goddess) have been asking me when the next Jessie Shimmer book will come out. And while I do intend to write more novels in the series, I've been focusing on short fiction the past couple of years; I've been writing new tales about Jessie and her friends that you'll find collected in Orchid Carousals and in anthologies such as Appalachian Undead.

      These stories all stand on their own; you don't need to read Spellbent to enjoy them.

      "At the Royal Orchid: Part I" tells the story of how Jessie and Cooper became more than just friends.

      In "At the Royal Orchid: Part II", The Warlock confronts a stranger who tried to slip him an illicit love potion.

      "Demonized" gives readers a glimpse into Mother Karen's most private life.

      "Biscuit" (my collaboration with Kaysee Renee Robichaud) tells the tale of how Kai finally got over his crush on Jessie.

      Orchid Carousals also contains stories completely unconnected to the Jessie Shimmer series. The "Apocalyptic Love" section contains a pair of futuristic dystopian love stories, and "Random Play" contains a mix of poetry and more mainstream stories.

      I had a lot of fun writing this collection, and I hope readers enjoy it, too.

      Happy reading,