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68Halloween book giveaways!

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  • lucy_snyder
    Oct 2, 2009
      Hello everyone,

      Fall is here and my favorite holiday is just around the corner! To celebrate I and one of my publishers are offering some free books to you all.

      Pete at CGP agreed to let me put a substantial PDF extract of my book Chimeric Machines up on my website, free for anyone who'd like to take a look:


      The PDF download contains Tom Piccirilli's introduction and about a third of the collection.

      I'm also giving away a few copies of the paperback edition of Chimeric Machines on LibraryThing; please request it by Oct. 22nd if you want a chance at winning it:


      Blood Magic was my first collection, published as an ebook in 2001; it contains four dark fantasy/horror stories: "The Dogs of Summer," "Flesh and Blood," "...And Her Shadow," and "Soul Searching". I revised all of the stories for my 2007 book Sparks and Shadows.

      Blood Magic is still listed by Amazon and other vendors, even though it has been out of print and unavailable for years, so I decided to put the unchanged original PDF on my site for free download:


      Happy Halloween!