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63My new collection is now available

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  • Lucy
    Apr 15 10:29 AM
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      Hello everyone,

      The softcover edition of my new collection CHIMERIC MACHINES is now available for order ... it contains three dozen poems and a couple of prose pieces. Tom Piccirilli wrote a great intro for the book.



      A limited-edition hardcover version will be available direct from the publisher in a few weeks.

      "Snyder's work is complex yet grounded. You can read it on several levels and it'll work on each and every one. It's lyrical but rooted in authenticity and validity. There's truth here, and tackling the truth is the highest calling of any poet. This lady is not only courageous, she's fearless. We need more like her to give us that grand plucking of the guts."
      -- Tom Piccirilli, author of The Midnight Road and Waiting My Turn to Go Under the Knife

      "There is nothing illusory or mechanical about these poems. They take us on a marvelously eclectic journey ... Read and be dazzled."
      -- Christopher Conlon, author of Mary Falls: Requiem for Mrs. Surratt and Midnight on Mourn Street

      Happy reading,